Saturday, June 09, 2018

Doesn't seem to work.

I might not update this blog on a regular basis. Doesn't seem to work like this, I always come not feeling like it or having anything to say, when I plan it. It is working for Computer Hermit since I'd usually post some news from my coding progress. But here? The subjects here need more thought and used to be a thing of the moment, when I suddenly was emotional about some thing in my mind and wanted to write something. I could make a list of some things I want to write about and discuss them whenever I feel like (which means never? :). Not sure, but I might remove the Saturday task from habitica.

It shows again how things change in my life. I don't feel as much the need to write in the way I used to in this blog (although I might want to express my mind about ideas but usually I am not in front of the PC when this happens, and till I go back to write about it, I am occupied by other thoughts). There goes the days where I was expressing myself in such depressive manner.

Then again the reason I never come to write something fully here is that I am occupied by other plans and end up at night, very tired, having to write something, anything. I was completing my second session on coding till I realised it's more late than I thought. It's easier again with Computer Hermit because I allow myself to write my progress instead of discussing anything. But here, what to write? It has to be some expansion on ideas, while my mind is off at that point and only doing it as a habit.

So, you might not see much here, esp not plan Saturdays. I'll either think of another way (maybe make a list of things you'd like to talk about in the future) or update this one less frequently. It will be fine, afterall it has already been dead over the last few years.

p.s. And I wanted to talk about my dislike of identity politics or how some things I see now reflect things of myself or older thoughts I had. I don't feel like and I am not sure I'd always want to get deeper into these issues.
p.p.s. This blog is in limbo.

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