Saturday, May 19, 2018

Second era.

It seems, if I don't fall away from it, like this blog will be set to motion again. One reason is that I have hooked Habitica to things I like to do again. Besides daily chores, programming projects and such, I thought why not set a weekly goal to post one post per each blog and see what happens? I have set Saturday for this one. Sometimes the post will be small with some news and smaller thoughts, sometimes bigger with actual issues I want to talk about, but I'll always try to post once per week.

This is gonna be a new era for this blog, not only because it used to be something from the past that I have forgotten or don't have much reason, motivation or time to write, but also as I am gonna move into subjects I haven't talked before. It's interesting to think how different era's of my life totally change the things I like to think and write about, as I am not as interested to add to the confusing discussion of my mental issues that used to be a commonality as my life has changed a bit to the better since years ago that depressive nights in an internet cafe writing about stuff is not my thing anymore. I am currently living in another country (UK) with a more independent life and a job, still having a big road ahead concerning few remaining issues in my life, but generally I am less obsessed with some of the old issues and more looking forward. As the environment has changed, so did my posts and basically it was marked by my absence from regular blog posts.

It's mostly my idea to set up the weekly habit for a post, however there are some new things I will want to discuss in the future. One of these issues doesn't even have to do with myself (yep, this blog was quite "egocentric" to say, but what do you expect from a blog with this title? :) although there are some interesting parallels with my obsessions about normality and different ways to think of one's misery in life. I was a bit reluctant at first to write here about these issues as they can be a thing of divisions (and I am really curious where some of my unknown followers are with this and how they may take it). To cut it short, since the past two years at least, I got pretty hooked with the modern cultural wars and the nasty politics behind it, reading articles about it, watching youtube videos, listening to discussion panels, podcasts, and so on and so forth. And since it's one of the primary things that occupy my mind, and I prefer to write about things that matter to me, I am gonna make the start and discuss it openly in some of the future incoming posts. I will try to approach it in a nuanced way and even connect it with some aspects of my life or personal thoughts about mental and social issues. I hope it goes well as I am not sure if I can articulate properly and succinctly such sensitive or complex issues.

Besides this subject, posts of mine will still touch some other interests of mine, a big one still having to do with procrastination vs productivity. I realise now that I am a person of low conscientiousness, while I always wanted to drive my creative skills into something more fruitful and productive. I accept that it's not my natural and that's ok, but it's always worth to try. Meanwhile, I discover some interesting things in my behaviour as I try to tackle this issue, which I'd like to discuss from time to time. Posts on other third issues will come too, and who knows, sometimes I might have a new idea concerning my older mental issues that I will want to revisit.

That is for now. I am pretty waiting to get into this new subject from next Saturday and see how it goes. Hopefully I will have enough time and peace of mind to articulate the core of these issues, else it could be a more simple post about me procrastinating again :P

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