Sunday, May 29, 2016

You have so much potential BS

Sometimes I am lost, having conflicting thoughts or rather trying to discover the essence of things, like some thoughts bothering me but trying to ask the proper questions, why do we even do the things we do, why do we even feel like this, not being able to put even the effort to understand what's hidden behind all these and how can that help me. And I search almost random keywords in google, I want to search counter intuitive things like celebration of laziness or fuck it.

It's funny when you try to search a counter argument to the most cliche nice sounding things (find your potential, follow your path, love what you do), when you want to search for example things like nice sounding new age cliche phrases near the words bullshit, lies, wrong and sometimes it doesn't work and you get more bullshit nice sounding articles on how to unlock your potential, find your love, be more productive. I do want to find some counter culture books, counter to the whole societal idea that you must always be productive, you are a diamond that shines and you will be successful and such BS.

I search again and I find some random blog at reddit of depressed or adhd people. In fact, that's more real than all my other results, telling me more about these issues than any shiny happy advice. There is a whole generation of people being depressed of not fulfilling their own potential, or actually arguing that's what their parents or teachers told them and that put a lot of pressure on them, never being content with themselves, because they can always do more.

I am looking a lot at counter-sayings towards this culture of human potential tapping, our insistence of only glorifying productivity, because yes who would praise laziness? (although some of you will see that's the problem of society today, but does that mean people react to the norms that makes it unbearable?).

But there is a problem you know. I like one example I am constantly thinking. Some people are successful and some are less and less. And one could blame the ones that are more of a failure, like "You didn't try enough!", "You were lazy!!!". That's a hard accusation isn't it? But it WILL happen, Always. Because this is a race. And in a race, someone is gonna fail. If everyone was 100% successful, then 100% success would mean nothing, it would be just the norm. Someone would have to break that and become 150% successful to differentiate from the rest. And then everyone would try to reach 150% as the new norm for success. And then it will be common. And people will want to exceed other people and reach 200%. It just goes on and on and it's kinda unsustainable for the human psyche. I think we are missing something here. There is a problem here but I don't know what the solution is.

One way to think it is to ponder, why do we want to be successful in the first place? Is it something on the human psyche, in the way the brain works, in the biology, in our tendency to compete? Trying to focus on this thought, what makes me want to be productive (with my demoscene hobby or other things with potential for success and recognition), almost struggling, one part of myself telling me "let it go" and another part arguing it is important to not feel insignificant, being approved (another primary part of the human psyche). It's like I want to solve the puzzle of human existence, realize the human condition, what makes a lot of us people depressed, feeling we are wasting our potential, or rebel against all these notions at the same time, find more counter-literature against the improve yourself culture.

It's funny when there are some shy articles, trying to say all these mainstream and new age culture are counterproductive, which makes sense, but then try to say "You can escape from all these BS so that you can finally achieve your true potential" in one sense. Nobody says "Fuck it", it's a taboo to say here are some good ideas to make you happy and a failure. Noone is accepting that maybe most of us will never reach that "true potential". We will have normal lifes and most of our dreams will never be accomplished. We only look at highly successful persons and motivational quotes, forgetting the 99.999% of the people who are invisible because they never made it high to be relevant even if they were told they are special.

p.s. In fact there are some amusing literature, like "Fuck it" or psychology books criticizing positive thinking (search The Antidote by Oliver Burkeman), or counter psychologists (like David Smail), or the philosophy of stoicism which seems rather relevant. They are good ways to get you out of the feedback loop for a while, but then somehow you expect they will magically change your life, which is a trap. Is like you try to find counter-ways to avoid the positive/productive/nice thoughts/motivational quotes trap so that you end up being productive/happier/positive. Sort of. It's like avoiding obsessing of positive thinking/human potential but at the end in order to verify that this worked you have to see positive changes which makes you go back in the negative loop. Or maybe do we never want to be happy else we would just stop improving? What if happiness is not a natural state? All about struggling in life being something to be fixed is a lie? What if life is a constant struggle in a depressive state and that's normal?

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