Monday, May 30, 2016

Boredom and Intelligence

I am a bit struck by what constitutes boredom, especially people who get depressed because they are bored all day. I feel like I can never feel that particular feeling, like I lost all meaning because nothing is interesting anymore. That kind of boredom.

If you leave me alone in an empty room, yes maybe I will want to get out and do stuff, but I won't feel I can get bored in life. I could phase out and think about philosophical ideas or the next creative things I want to do. I feel I will never be bored, even with a sole hobby like programming, because there are so much things one can do just with a computer. And if they took away computers, I would still think I might never get bored in life, because there are so much mysteries in life and so much scientific questions to answer or so many other creative pursuits to do. They do ask me what I would do if I was in the past where computers never exist. I would be a philosopher or explorer, I would pursue a creative hobby or job, there would be always something to do that inspires me. Thus I cannot relate to people who are alone in an evening after work and feel like they are bored with life.

But these people exist. I can think of some people who cannot be alone, maybe they are somewhere where they have no friends and can't do something on their own but if there were some people around they would do social activities together and stop being bored. And maybe, maybe, there are some other people who are not extrovert, don't need other people around them, yet they kinda get bored and loose meaning in life, like nothing meaningful is left to do anymore. I can't relate since I don't feel the same thing, I feel there are always interesting things to do, but I can imagine there are such people. Maybe this is one indication of real depression.

There is also another discussion all around, whether intelligent people are the ones who get bored with life. And there are some discussion boards where people disagree with that notion and things are very polarized.

Of course, I do understand, the cliche says that intelligent people are bored in school. Well, I think everybody is bored in school, extroverts will throw paper to other students, some introverts might phase out, unless you somehow are hooked by the teacher and the subject. School wants you to be there paying attention for 6 hours whether you like or not. Everybody would get bored if they don't like to be there at the particular time. And of course some asocial or introvert people will get bored of social situations where you only have to do smalltalk for 4 hours or stand still in a bar with loud music where you can't talk. I could get bored in that sense in social situations (until the alcohol hits or I phase out absent minded). I do get this feeling, but I don't call it "Bored of Life", I can never get bored of life, so many interesting things to do and sometimes I feel I will never have the time to complete all of them.

But there were some discussions where the poster said "Intelligent People != Get Bored" and many people said "Intelligent People == Get Bored" and blamed the OP of not being a true intelligent person. Because there is this myth that the second exists, because of the myth of intelligent people getting bored of school (but everyone gets bored of school eventually, forced education). There is also the myth of intelligent people == drop outs but there are some brilliant minds which were not drop outs and some of them getting great marks (for myself, I got good marks and then deteriorated during university to average and base marks).

And maybe there are different kinds of intelligence and it's too simplistic to say "If person has this == he/she is intelligent". We all want to feel intelligent, we all want to feel special and we internalize this with specific characteristic. And then we read somewhere, that a specific celebrity/scientific person/great thinker had this disorder or acted like this, and we like to see our self in it.

There is something I have hard time to put into words because the more I think of these things the more it gets complicated, because I don't want to fall into the trap saying that "THIS == THAT" and that's it, I feel like if we dig deeper and we don't make fast assumptions, we can get more to the truth, but then I will question this truth and go to step zero. And this sort of fascinates me. Maybe all about introversion/extroversion/adhd/autism/aspergers/our need to feel intelligent compared to other people is another construction upon constructions upon constructions and we are missing some big ideas or we are deluded with wrong assumptions that sound nice of course because we can attribute it to ourselves.

I am so overwhelmed by pushing myself, pushing my thoughts, discovering flaws in certainties or cliche believes, things generally accepted, but some hidden truth or counter-intuitive fact lying beyond, trying to be discovered (that's why I can never be truly bored). That I lose track. One answer creates multiple questions like multiple paths of a hydra and I wonder confused. While most people just need social connections, repeating shallow facts commonly accepted. And that's fine. I am fascinated by ideas and discovering the hidden truth behind things, they are fascinated by social give and take.

I diverged though. How can I focus this intuition into really setting some facts? Instead of endlessly taking jumps from ideas to ideas to ideas. There is always an alternative, a counter-intuitive arguments to something I thought. I lost it now. I lost my thought process. So many things are connected. And I am dizzy,

My gin&tonic is finished.

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