Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I have missed this feeling.

That nightly feeling (nightly, does this word exist? Sounds cute though). Getting absorbed into writing thoughts that matter in the darkness of my room (or an internet cafe, lol), while the same depressive music is playing all over again and again (I was strangely listening to some ebm remix of creep).

It flows nicely at the end, you reread what you wrote and the flow seems generally good in your mind (something I miss in many of my harsh written post), saying exactly what you wanted to say with great bitter justice.

Even if it gets big, you end up the night with some feeling of fulfilment. Instead of gaming or coding (I wish I did the second more frequently though), you have expressed some feelings the best way you could, hoping someone might be reading. A person with similar feelings, the same sensitivities, thinking "Wow! Someone said exactly what I was feeling and better than I would. More like this please!". Maybe the idea makes me not to feel alone. Someone else is happy he is like minded. I get the same feeling when I read specific posts.

One of my favorite pieces at Computer Hermit, even if long there are many places which I enjoy rereading. It seems like a subject that could partially also belong to this blog. Having to do with social norms and our misconception of what means to be a geek.

What is a geek? An imagined reality.

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