Friday, September 12, 2014

I love the dreadful feeling of deleting stuff

I love it when I make a new stuff. And delete/clean up some stuff. Even though I am not sure whether I want to keep them. Maybe they could still be a monument of something. Maybe I don't want them. In fact a lot of my posts are peculiar and might not fit my current state of mind all the times. But don't worry, I haven't deleted anything from here. What I did was adding that blog "Almost Skeptic" here again. I can't take care of many blog, thinking that I have long to update that, and all that. I might rarely have the mood to write about UFOs and stuff. In fact, lately I write less and less frequently. Different life. I return back from work and enjoy watching educational youtube videos and other stuff. Maybe there is still a little time left for creative activities. And then definitely no mood most of the times for expressing dark feelings and shit. But I do have things to say, even though they are revolving around the same things. I might want to plan a different kind of saying things. Not sure.

So, I actually deleted the "random image thread", doesn't matter much. I could have deleted "plasmafun" or merged it with "computer hermit" but it's better to be separate atm. There are tons of games and demos I would have liked to write about, but there is not even motivation or time (or I am occupied by other things and not feeling like expressing thoughts) for even this blog. Sometimes computer hermit. It's random, big, not well written and who reads it anyway (I know some of you do :).

And then I might be killing some random blogs I opened outside blogspot. Some and some tumblr and more if I can remember the password. Or just leave them. Why not leave them you'd say? Just a clean up,. copied image in, no original content.

But that feeling of deleting/cleaning up things. Sometimes dreadfully, thinking maybe I shouldn't. But uplifting, like making a new start. Hoi Hoi Hoi

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