Saturday, April 07, 2012

Thoughts from my calendar - My personal reality vs the social reality

I like writing more lightly. Especially when the result proves to be ok. I had a bunch of thoughts in my mind and decided to populate my private calendar at iDoneThis with small fragments. It turned out I could do this sometimes and then copy some thoughts on this blog, when they are consisted in the order they were written. It's also nicer because usually I write much more confusing texts yet now I wrote in small fragments as I usually do in my calendar. It could provide more blog posts and maybe more nicely or freely written yet without being too confusing or tiring (my usual mistakes). So, let's fire this up!

So many things to write about and two days omitted. Well, just thoughts. I don't remember about yesterday.

Thoughts mainly. Thoughts about what I really want from life and the falsehood of what they make you think about. Who? The society. Your environment. But they are not doing it deliberately, it's just a natural cycle of the social copy meme machine. The social above all. Spreading popular ideas because they make you belong, avoiding ideas that are taboo to endorse. Reality doesn't matter. What matters is the social.

Problem is, I am not into this social thing. Well no. I am, we all are since we live with other people, but there is a great discrepancy with who I am. Yet, my human instincts somehow work, my emotions are alive, so I am muddled by the noise. The noise of the social reality. In opposition to the reality of who I am.

One might thing, people's main goals are: growing up, being educated, getting a job, being married, having children. I don't think of that. All I think is: I want to explore and create. Explore ideas, explore reality, explore science, create ideas, create things that could change the world, do the best I can with the potential I have. The meaning of my existence is not just to have a family.

Someone may say that I could regret it. That I cannot escape from human nature and at the end what I want is what all people want. But human nature is also my brain being fascinated by things that don't touch most other people. Why go against my nature? Why torture myself by denying who I am, twitching between the social reality and my self reality?

Most people do this same mistake. They declare that the meaning of your existence, what you should strive for living, is their own view on the meaning of their existence even if it contradicts with others view on the same issue. If I feel as I do and I am as I do then everyone should be just like me, that's what they say.

My objective is to realize and believe more who I am, ignore the common ideas plugged into my mind about social life, and lastly spread this idea that you can be whoever you truly wish to be if you ignore the social noise and slowly clean your mind from the preconceived ideas that got into you since the beginning of your life.

I wouldn't like to mean that my life or your life or another life is the only truth. There are different scenarios playing for each different person out there. For example, the social world might already be the real world of some. Or it could possibly not be, yet you prefer to compromise and play their game because there are things to gain. Yet your personality, the way your brain functions, your unique fascination with another reality, or anything else might render you slightly incompatible with several aspects of the social copy meme machine, so there is no good reason anymore to bother yourself with thoughts about not fitting like I did, instead you should embrace who you are and even keep a strong stance and show it with honesty. This is the best thing you could do to yourself.

Maybe if a lot of us get out of our cave and show the true reality of we we are then we could realize that people that are fairly different than the norm are much more than previously thought. Maybe the world could get the message. Honestly and fairly.

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Optimus said...

The term "Social copy meme machine" is kinda redundant. At least the word "copy" (or imitate) is a property of memes and genes already. But those four words sound great in succession. It would be cool (or too long?) for a music band name. Or a angst ridden demo?

I started reading Susan Blackmore's "The Meme Machine". It's a quite nice read so far. Yet I haven't started reading Dawkins book that fired up the whole fuzz about, even if it's just discussing the idea after the middle of the book primarily on genetics. I have found there are other authors who played with the idea of the meme, though I have chosen to start with Susan's book because I like her other thoughts in her site.

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