Thursday, March 22, 2012


I recalled the times when I felt like I didn't have enough hobbies like the rest of the people and I became sad about it. Because there was this whole patronizing from people trying to tell me that I should have more hobbies, interests and stuff. I'd say today though, that if it was natural for you to have hobbies then we wouldn't discuss it now and you wouldn't try to acquire some hobbies to defend yourself against the people's saying.

The reality is that most people don't have any real hobbies. I know I have discussed this in an old blog post, maybe in one of my other blogs. Another fact is that because I am too honest, it would be to hard for me in the past to fill a list of several hobby just to show that I am interesting. And then I saw other people's profiles with 4-5 or more hobbies. But where they any real hobbies? I could also fill a list with "going out", "listening to music", "watching movies" but those are things that everyone does.

Another thing I understood today is the reason why I was told "Oh, you should have more hobbies! You are boring." They asked me about hobbies and I must have said computers or programming in the very past. They didn't like this (and it also sounded like a geeky boring hobby). So they said that thing above that I am boring. But say I didn't have a list of several hobbies and I answered myself simply with one single hobby (one that I don't have but it's popular) "Playing guitar". I assure you the response wouldn't be the same even if the person found it uninteresting. Because it's a single hobby but it's not considered a boring hobby. If you told them this then they would disagree, like "Oh,. of course if you played all day guitar it wouldn't be good. Everything with balance." but this is bullshit I assure you because I know how people think, guitar is cool, a comment like "you are a boring uninteresting person because you play guitar" is not feeling correct. But it applies in computers.

So, one person says "I am playing the guitar" and then "Watching movies, going out, etc" as fillers, to say I am not interesting in one thing only and the single thing is considered cool.

The reality is that most people don't have any unique hobbies as I said. If they found you uninteresting then they are boring really. And it's true. I meet people and we have nothing in common but there is nothing extraordinary on their activities or even themselves from my own point of view. But I never complained about that. So, people think they have the right to say you are uninteresting because you don't have common hobbies but even one extraordinary. But these people have only common hobbies, the ones we all do in a lesser or greater degree, but nothing standing out really.

And to end up with this post, something I did before writing these thoughts, I wrote in a notepad as fast as I could think, the things that I like to do and the things that I do that most people do but are not real hobbies. Also, some of the things I would like to do and could be potential hobbies in the future.

1 - !* coding
2 - !* demoscene
3 - !* hiking
4 - !* reading books (non-fiction, science, UFOlogy, philosophy)
5 - !* blogging
6 - !* playing games (retro and modern)
7 - !* ping pong

8 - #* astronomy (would love to get into)
9 - #* painting (crafts in general?)
10 - #* playing pool
11 - #* writting
12 - #* playing music on the keyboard

* going to cafeteria
* going to the bar
* going outside
* watching movies
* watching tv
* walking
* going to the gym
* listening to music
* reading magazines
* lan gaming
* eating good food
* internet surfing

So, the !* list is my major things I do. Coding and demoscene have parallel lives. Hiking is a word I heard about what I do sometimes, not walking ordinary walks but from one part of the city to the other (my worse is covering about 20km from midday to the ight, measured with google earth). I like to walk alone and discover new strange places I have never been before. Once I did this frequently with my bicycle when I was in Germany as Erasmus student (forgot to add cycling in the list but anyway).

Reading books. Everybody reads books. You just have to mention your really special interests. For me it would be UFOlogy (from magazines too, now I am reading books I should have read years before, from John Keel, Jacques Valee and few others) and then I prefer non-fiction books (with scientific or philosophical matters, when I say philosophical I don't mean something hard to grasp, but analyzing ideas about society, life, etc. I read many articles about these at times). Blogging, it really shows :). Playing games (everybody does today, but I am almost like a hardcore gamer in some genres and I enjoy both retro and modern games, interested in the history, tech and gameplay mechanics behind them, so I think I am more seriously hooked into this than the average person even if not proud about it :). Ping Pong, even if I don't play frequently, I think it's my favorite sport.

Even for some of the above things I would be reluctant to add them as a hobby because I haven't spent serious time with them to say they speak about my personality. For example I haven't really read much about science or philosophy but if you ask me about UFOlogy I can tell you everything. Then, I haven't played so frequently ping pong, so if it was programming then it would be like saying I am sucked into programming, I really love it and the only thing I've coded is a hello world and some do while loop in basic. That would be uninteresting to someone hooked in programming. This is how I am with ping pong, maybe only a little better. But it's a bit above the average bar of things everyone does. Some things on the list are also things I love to do even if I haven't done much.

And then #* for the things that I'd love to do (maybe I've done once in the past and forgotten) and could be potential hobbies. My favorite is astronomy, I love the stars and the science behind it, I can't stop staring at the stars, I'd really wish to buy a telescope and start watching the skies. Maybe going to some astroparty too oneday.

A music hobby? Not guitar. Too trendy. I didn't like the chords. I prefer something with a keyboard. I used to play the piano in the past, we had a piano, we were taught in a school, my brother who is more interested in music still plays sometimes, while I stopped. Sometimes when I get an electronic keyboard in my hands I remember playing music from games like Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands or even Doom. But it's rare and I have forgotten and it's a hobby I could have fired up again. Maybe writting my own music? Hmm..

Painting or anything with crafts. I like to build stuff. Probably hobby in the future. Writting, I just like writting even if my texts could be horrible or too long and boring. Goes with blogging. Playing pool. We started playing with some friends in local pool bar. I like it but less than ping pong and I don't think I will be improved much in the future because I don't want to spent professional time with it, but it's the second sport I like.

And the * hobbies are things I am doing but anyone is doing anyways and they are not real hobbies, just fillers. So I dismiss them and they are only there just for the laughs. Though, to add and not be misunderstood, one friend says "I don't care if the hobby is watching movies. It only becomes interesting when the person is really hooked to watching movies, like he is a movie freak or something having watched every movie, knows all the actors and stuff.". So if you are really into "going to the gym" for example because you are a real fitness freak, then it's more interesting to me that this defines who you are than if you put this thing on the list just because you are going to the gym in the same way everyone does it because it's considered good and common activity. But most of the times the single asterisk activities occur to most hobby lists and most of the times they are insignificant and the person really doesn't have any hobbies.

Also, to tell you the truth, I won't personally dislike you having no hobbies. You don't need to have hobbies just to prove that you have hobbies and you are not a boring person. You surely have things that you like to do and one true hobby counts, even if it was uninteresting to me. I just disliked the fact that I have more hobbies and real interests than other people, yet because being too conservative to add them to my list, I was considered boring by those people whose only hobby seems to be patronizing.


Nuclear said...

We've talked many times about this subject so I won't expand on the article, but your last paragraph about people obsessed with for gym or whatever, reminded me of this video:

It's about what I always considered, that one can be considered a geek/nerd on whatever subject based on how much time he expends on it, and not based on the subject itself :) Watch it it's fun :)

Optimus said...

Haha, I haven't seen this mikeius video before even if I had seen most of his other older videos. It made my day!

Gray Alien Resistance said...

You are 100% correct if we were living 3 years ago. Now with such unemployment ,sallary and job conditions deregulation hobbies are becoming a luxury. Unless we consider yoghurt throwing to our incompetent politicians a hobby (recreational activity is for sure :) ).

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