Monday, November 15, 2010

The struggle of normality

I recently wondered how did our society embrace the notion of being "normal"? Why can't we understand what a horrible prison this idea is? Why can't we see how epically ridiculous it is? It makes me furious, it makes me sad, to find young people on the internet struggling to be "normal", feeling horrible for being different, sometimes in an extent that they want to kill themselves. Why can't the madness stop?

Normal is a word, a meaning, a symbol. An abstract word even. It's not something to be taken serious. It's not something that should make you wish to die. It's even a lousy meaning. First of all, what is normal? Is it an average? There is no such thing as an average person! Other than that, why should someone race and struggle through his life to become... AVERAGE? How nuts is that?

Yet, the notion of normality seems to me so absurd and ridiculous only after 30 years of emotional struggle and searching for an answer. That's the most weird thing. Why couldn't I see the obvious in the first place? The answer is emotions. When you are born in a family and raised in a society where you get flooded by the sense of normality and the shame of being different then this is what your emotional brain registers as the truth. What comes after that is a consistent fight between your unwanted emotions, desires for freedom and a sense of logic. Logic is clouded by your emotions of fear which is what they have taught you since the beginning of your life. So, even if you logically see the mistake here you can't stop feeling bad about being different. Especially if you are quite much that.

The way I got away from this contradiction between my "inherited" emotions and my logic and desire for being a free spirit is by believing. Yes. Believing is what's needed to overcome such a vicious cycle. This logical jump. Supported by your logic and experience of course. I was hardly ever a believer. I always had a low self-esteem in such a rate that everyone believed in me except myself. That was my achilles heel and this is how I overcame it. I learned to believe in something, my individuality. Because I had enough!

You have to believe that your negative emotions do not tell always the truth. You have to stick to the logic you got through all the experience and knowledge acquired in your life. Because you don't deserve this.

You don't deserve feeling like a piece of shit just because it happens that you are different. You don't deserve unappreciating yourself while most other people overrate their shit. You don't deserve all this struggle and sorrow because someone invented an idiotic concept that spread like a meme in people's mind. You don't deserve preserving and spreading this fear and I believe it's fear that brought it in the first place. If you think about it, nobody just invented it, it's not a major conspiracy orchestrated by one single person. It's the human nature struggling from it or prolonging it. It's us being afraid, using words as symbols to describe it, creating an idea that devours us all and doesn't let us understand that we are all unique persons and there is no such a thing as "normal".

How did we evolved into this? Why is the youth struggling with such a stupid idea? Can we fight this somehow? Can we throw away the idea of normality from the next generations?

I think each one of us who understand could do it by this way. Don't go for a fight, just try being yourself more and more. Show your individuality. Make it shine! Don't feel and look ashamed by doing something weird in public. React like it's a funny little joke or nothing to be taken seriously. Break the myth! Have I ever told you about my recent belief? I believe that 40% of the population could be abnormal while hiding it. Or a huge number similar to this! Humanity is in denial. Each of us who believes in individuality should break this by stop hiding and just being themselves! I truly believe this..

p.s. I was motivated to write this post after reading another good one on the subject.

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