Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Blog

Ok, it's not that I decided to open yet another new blog after deleting my old blogs. It's not my blog. I introduced my brother to blogging and helped him open his new zenburger blog where I am just a co-writer. It is mainly a greek blog where some friends might write thoughts and ideas in short and poetic style and one image per post. My posts are not like the long stuff I write here. They are small, abstract and kindy sad or dreamy.

Many years ago someone asked me why I don't write in greek. Well, I had no time for an additional greek blog then or I enjoyed writting english more. I am not sure. But now, as a guest you can read me and my brother and friends in ZenBurger blog.

p.s. I moved the eye of the beholder post in random screenshot blog. While that sheet was not from me playing the game but more of what I thought about my attributes if I was in the game, so I posted it here at first but then I decided it wasn't in the mood of this blog. Anyway..

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