Saturday, September 25, 2010

Where are the extraordinary UFO videos?

I have never seen a real UFO, i.e. something in the sky that I could hardly attribute as known aircraft, astronomical or meteorological phenomena, balloons or anything hard to distinguish for something outlandish.

I would very much like to see one and be with people around me so that I can be sure they see the same thing and I am not hallucinating or something. Somehow I want to believe but I am a bit skeptical about the whole phenomenon, although I think there is something strange hiding there.

An easy premature solution to be convinced (or not) would be to just search for various sightings captured on video. If I haven't seen a UFO ever in my life, someone else might have seen and at the same time captured with their video cameras. I have seen many of these in youtube. I recently found the opportunity to watch some more classic videos in series of UFO documentaries which I had once downloaded and rested in my hard disk for months.

I really made a full run watching those UFO docs in a frenzy for two weeks or more. Several interesting stories you can't easily ignore in these documentaries, but not a single convincing UFO video. Most of the times the captures look like very tiny lights far away that could be anything. They float in ways that in my opinion could indicate natural movement and not intelligent maneuvers. There are few other videos, still not convincing enough, that zoom a bit closer to the object yet still show some blurry array of lights that could be anything. I assume that if someone would video record a terrestrial object with blinking lights in the darkness with zooming and the appropriate field of view then it would look like those blurry lights. I am not entirely sure about this, I wish I would be at the sighting place and time when these things were capture to check it with my own eyes and decide.

While videos are always these blobs of light away or tiny specs of shinny material mostly floating slowly and not doing any funny manuevers, some photographs are a bit more detailed with things looking like saucers where you can't make up your mind though since they are stills and they could be easily faked (see also this).

As we move on collecting data about the phenomenon, the next thing I want to speak about is witness testimony. And that's compared to the alleged photo/video "evidence". Of course, witness testimony alone is not enough as an evidence and nor convincing at all. Yet some of the most amazing stuff only appear in the stories. It's only in few of these stories where the UFOs are not just small lights or flashy specs far away or even disc shaped objects as appeared in the photos but real shinny complex crafts flying very very close to the witness or even landing in a field where the witness can go there and examine the spacecraft, look at it's material, notice strange symbols on it, even be affected by it.

Of course they are stories. Some are amazing though, told by military officers, for example the Bentwaters base incident, where the witness say that a craft landed and one touched it, saw the hieroglyphic symbols on it and such extraordinary stuff that makes you wish that you where there at the right place and time to convince yourself. While the skeptics say that they mistook some lighthouse lights and a nearbye police vehicle and some astronomical phenomena for the thing and that makes you cringe because you immediately say "If I was there and that vehicle was 1 meter away from me and I could touch it and see it then how the hell could I have mistaken something else for this? What about a trained personel?"

But you can never know. You never know the limits of human delusion or human deception, even if you don't believe that high ranking personel or pilots or credible witness could have either hoaxed that or deluded so greatly, it's not impossible that this quite ordinary and annoying thing have happened.

So, you'd beg, didn't those people have a fucking camera or video recorder to capture something so close that would hardly be debunked as err.. the planet Venus? Why is it always that in the most extraordinary cases where we have very close encounters with those alleged extraterrestrial crafts and even the supposed beings in the area, we never see some video or even photo in those close distances, and then photos consist of those saucer shaped objects further away and videos are even more blurry lights much further away? Why don't we have some good videos of the objects in the size as they appear in photos? Why as we move down from witness to photos to videos, the evidence appear further away in sight and more blurry in detail such that you can never make up your mind? Is it because the real phenomenon doesn't exist? Or is there "something" that doesn't want us to know?

I am quite skeptic about this. Especially today that almost about everyone has a mobile phone with a camera in his pocket, I would expect that if the phenomenon was real the witness photos would dramatically increase today. And we would have also gotten by now some better close ups of those crafts doing more intelligent maneuvers or amazing footage of very close encounters as they are depicted in pre-rendered animations that try to match the witness testimonies in those UFO documentaries I've been watching. Where are the extraordinary UFO videos?

Some people say that it's a conspiracy. Yeah right, like someone monitors the mobile phones of every citizen that tries to capture something more credible and believable and either the government confiscates them or the aliens make them magically malfunction. I don't believe this. Or is it the paranormal phenomena related to some kind of entities or unknown phenomenon that plays games with the consciousness of some witnesses and there is nothing really there to capture, only experiences as perceived inside someone's mind and based on the present cultural influences? Which is a kinda far fetched but interesting alternative theory of UFOlogists like John Keel or Jacques Vallee that quite fascinates me and will be interested to study in the near future.

Yet my closest guess at the present moment is that the extraordinary avoid us (or basically me) not because there is a conspiracy or the phenomenon is too camera shy but sadly because I can't deny the possibility that it never was real in it's majority. Yet, as I want to believe, I beg for a very tiny fraction of these incidents to have some kind of reality, not necessary extraterrestrial but interesting nevertheless.

Another thing I would like to say, with today's graphics rendering technology one could even "give" us in hand those less blurry and more close-up UFO videos I ask for. Thus I would have my doubts even with a good video (and some say the phrase "too good to be true", meaning that the more detailed makes it less believable for some reason). I think the sole way for me to be convinced is if I ever have a personal and quite extraordinary experience as those described by witnesses but you never see in the camera. That's how some people got suddenly and deeply interested in the subject while they were skeptical in the past.

p.s. Don't get me wrong, I have been fascinated by the whole UFO-alien neo-mythology from the first time I have read or heard something in TV or magazines. It's not easy for me either to dismiss simply a phenomenon that played a role in our psyches for more than 60 years. Could masses be so greatly deluded that they have solely created a modern myth that makes you think there is some reality there? Is it safe to say that "if there is smoke somewhere then there must be fire too" or was so much focus and research spent on something that maybe was never there? It's a hard possibility to grasp, especially for UFOlogists that may have spent 30 years of their life searching for the unknown. It's a bit hard for me too even if I wasn't much involved into it as other people might be. The idea of all these things being a farse is kinda scary but will we ever know the truth? There will be people that will never be convinced either ways (real/fake) no matter how hard the evidence will be. I am only hoping I'll have one day a real good personal UFO experience that I will see with my eyes and will be convinced it's not something trivial but the (un)real thing!
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