Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Math Jokes

I never thought I would laugh hard by jokes having to do with math. I am even surprised that I might understand 60% of them. I guess my degree in mathematics proved to be useful in some aspects :)

I just remembered them because of a recent Pouet thread

I also remembered a site I have visited once in the past and still updates with new jokes.

p.s. This blog, once filled with incomprehensible, long thoughts is moving towards,.. I don't know. Some of it's content has gone into other new blogs. They ask me why I open so many blogs but I don't exactly open new blogs, I am just trying to organize the theme of my old ones. In the past there would be posts here about sadness, thoughts, ideas, computers, demoscene, programming, mostly long and dark posts about my life, but everything. Now there are different blogs for the computer stuff, programming stuff, etc.

p.p.s. So much work these days. I am trying to do something. I went into three things. Of course my final project, but then I started searching for a job in the UK and I was sooo busy speaking with job agents and planning interviews, solving C++ tests (within days or over the phone), being stressful in general. I didn't even found the time to code a little demo project for the CPC (I will be at Amstrad Expo this weekend). But my new demo framework in PhrozenC is very nicely prepared now and it could assist faster development and maybe I'll use it for many small demo projects. Hmm..

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