Sunday, May 02, 2010


- Setting alarm at 10:00 am

- Alarm at 10:00 am
- Press ok to Snooze (for 15 minutes)
- 10:15
- Press snooze
- 10:30
- snooze
- 10:45
- snooze
- 11:00
- snooze
- .....
- 12:15 (no snoozes?)
- press snooze
- 12:30
- snooze
- 12:45
- snooze
- 13:00
- I like my bed soooo much..
- 13:15, 13:30, 13:45
- Finally I decided to wake up so that I write this on my blog :)

Who is the genious who invented snoozing?


Aasemoon said...

Well I don't know who the genius was who invented snoozing, but you're the genius who invented blogging the snooze process! =D

Optimus said...

LOL :)

Nuclear said...

This alarm clock will solve all your snooze-problems:

Optimus said...

Awesome :)

Tore Slinning said...

I had a way to deal with that.

In my old appatment i bought a very long sound jack wire.
I dragged that wire to my room and hooked it up to some old speakers and then taped the volume button to full.

I then bought an timed power outlet, and set it to start at a certain period, i also hooked up an coffemaker to that timer.

Then i just configured Cron to run mplayer with a playlist i had, which included songs like the Soviet Anthem, the babylon 5 theme, etc, etc.

So...if i wanted to shut it off, i had to run into the other room, and type in, "Killall mplayer" in the terminal.

That activity would draw me from a stupor because i needed to have some sense in me to run into the other room and manage to type in the command properly.

Pretty effective.

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