Monday, May 10, 2010

Best comics this week

I found some greeeeeat ones!

Actually this one was the reason for writting this post. Best demoscene garfield comic ever. There are two associations one has to make here to laugh with this. It's so cleverly put :)

This one is simply funny and cute. Have you ever wondered to whom you where talking when you wrote your first program? :)

This is for mac haters. Seriously, one button?

This is if you have seen the movie 'The Box' or you just know the concept about it.

This speaks of a truth about my procrastination factor and creativity.

This is a bit on the serious side, maybe not in the same mood as the rest, but I just like it's meaning and found it recently.

p.s. I know I have also posted these in but I wanted to write some more about them because each one of them is so unique and funny :)

p.p.s. I discover most of the funny comics/images in random image thread on Pouet and few of them goes to

p.p.p.s. Going back to studying..

Sunday, May 02, 2010


- Setting alarm at 10:00 am

- Alarm at 10:00 am
- Press ok to Snooze (for 15 minutes)
- 10:15
- Press snooze
- 10:30
- snooze
- 10:45
- snooze
- 11:00
- snooze
- .....
- 12:15 (no snoozes?)
- press snooze
- 12:30
- snooze
- 12:45
- snooze
- 13:00
- I like my bed soooo much..
- 13:15, 13:30, 13:45
- Finally I decided to wake up so that I write this on my blog :)

Who is the genious who invented snoozing?
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