Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Things that you do when you can't find the English subtitles.

  • 1. Download the Spanish subtitles.

  • 2. Create an empty html file and paste the subs between {pre} and {/pre} in the body.

  • 3. Upload this html file somewhere in a server (I am using a temp folder somewhere in my codeverse.gr space).

  • 4. Type babelfish.altavista.com in your browser.

  • 5. Paste the URL of your html in 'translate an address' and select Spanish to English.

  • 6. Copy the resulted translated text and paste it as a plane text in a .srt file

  • 7. ....

  • 8. PROFIT!!!

This is what I have to do with John Doe series. Nobody has ever made some proper English subs (apart from some strange subs I found in a random site, only for the 1st episode, where "I know I have to save that girl" is translated as "You know, you saved Germany!" and "I know the answer to the most things, but not how things feel" was translated to "boring..". Surely my babelfish translation is better :), there are only Spanish and Portugal translations. The series didn't last two long, only one episode, and the main hero talks soooo fast (because of the concept of these series) that it would be already a pain in the ass for the translators and if the series weren't important enough, nobody just cared to translate them. And the thing is that, in other series or movies when I can't find a translation I can easily watch it without them. But this one, the hero speaks so fast and outputs sooo much information that subtitles are essential, maybe even for English people(?). The series, great concept, bad execution. Sometimes laughable, comical. But I will watch it till the end with my little way to generate the subs, babelfish translated subs is better than nothing for these series, the concept is interesting and I always liked those strange or paranormal stuff. I will watch it even if it was disappointing and every time I need to generate the subs it takes some process.

I watch these series regularly: Lost, Fringe, Flash Forward, House MD, 24.
I plan to try and watch: Firefly, Eureka, Big Bang Theory (I have already seen some episodes scattered, with friends already), Battlestar galactica (I have watched few episodes in the beginning but I want to follow the story). Any more interesting sci-fi/paranormal stuff? Or maybe something of other kinds, like Jericho (I really liked this one)?

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