Thursday, April 29, 2010

People (or demos) that don't exist, part 3

I don't remember if I have ever written the previous "People that don't exist" articles here (maybe part 1 but not 2).

In greek we say "Den yparxei" (Δεν υπάρχει!) - he doesn't exist, or "Den yparxoun" for plural (Δεν υπάρχουν!) - they don't exist. It is actually a slang that one says when he finds that another person did some extraordinary weird and cool thing. Actually, another internet slang describing this action is Epic Win :)

The people who don't exist are two polish sceners, a graphician and a musician. What they have done at a recent polish party (Stary Piernik 5) can only be described as astronomically epic win. In short words, they presented a quite good demo (according to the audience) at the big screen and later one of them holds the disk of the demo and says "I would like to say something. This is the one and only copy of this demo. This demo wasn’t here." and then he goes close to the campfire and throws the disk in the fire.


Isn't that epical win squared? Or is it tremendously lame? I guess those where the mixed feelings of the 15 people who were at the party and the rest of the C64 scene.

Funny enough, even the title of the demo is sooo close with my rant about the greek slang. The demo doesn't exist. The demo wasn't there. Hahaha!!!

I read more funny things about this in CSDb and other sources. The demo is actually based on several old unreleased effects/parts from Fenek, a coder from Arise. The graphician Bimber and musician Wacek from the same group made the whole demo alone. Even the coder wonders, where the hell did they found his old unreleased previews?! The two guys without having much knowledge about coding spent two months connecting all the things together. (and that's why I write "effects/parts" in one point, maybe there are parts ready to be loaded and decrunched and only few calls are needed, because even if you have fragments of code from others it's not as easy for a coder (how much for those two people) to connect all the parts together without previous experience.) Screenshots of the demo can be seen in both the above links and they feature line vectors in a tunnel formation, a voxel landscape and maybe more.

But why You may ask? Whhyyyyyyy??? Bimber said that the demo was made exclusively for the people who came to the party to have the pleasure that only them have seen something that nobody will never see again. I say it was a joke, a stunt, a surprising and funny act, an epic win, something that we may never see again happening in a demoparty. Of course it's not the first time that a demo gets shown at a demoparty but never gets released, but for other reasons. The demo is not a final version, the coder doesn't want to release it yet or he thinks the demo is so ugly. Or someone has lost the sources. But this was different. This was a deliberate attempt at 8bit suicide =)

It's also like they are laughing at us. All these years I was struggling to create some good demos and even if I didn't succeed to make something really really good, I always was scared of the idea that whatever I have done could be lost after a hard disk crash or a virus or anything. I frantically gathered back ups and was getting too serious about it. And those guys just made a multipart demo with several effects, presented it at the party and then threw it away!

Ok,. maybe they are playing with us. Maybe this was just a stunt and they are still going to release a final. But that act on the demoparty is a thumb up alone from me. These people don't exist!


nuclear said...

I don't think it's either win or fail, epic or lame... I think it's just pointless.

nitro2k01 said...

"Kill your darlings"

asteia said...

Die die die my darling...

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