Sunday, March 07, 2010

What is the psychopathology of mr.Bauer?

I was just reading this article

Someone who goes out of their way to help others, even at the expense of their own welfare, is actually more likely to break rules than the average person.

Another thing I ask myself when I watch some characters on TV is what is their D&D alignment?

Is Jack Bauer chaotic good?

How about Aaron? Lawful good? Neutral good? True neutral? I can't decide. What I enjoy in Aaron from 24 is how robotic he is (and his voice shows) considering following the laws and caring about the general good (although sometimes he overcomes these rules just to help Jack or others who think there is a good reason for that). Very funny character.

p.s. Yesterday I downloaded the 1st episode of season 8. It proved to be a porn video file. Suckers!!! :P

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