Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Personal evolution ad infinitum.

While I was returning home, I was thinking about some things never change with me, things that might be either good for me or others which prevent me from evolving or just put barriers in my life. Then I made this new interesting question:

Myself as an ever-changing system, is it evolving or is it converging at a specific kind of personality with specific traits and crystallized habits? Given infinite time, would even the most well preserved habits, attitudes, beliefs change? Or would some things never change no matter how much I try (at least the things I want to change)? If some things are evolving and some things are remaining, then after a very very long time reaching infinity, the definition of infinitum persona would be the true hidden/concealed me? (if there is such a thing).

That's an interesting thought. It's also interesting to think separately about each of my current habits, both my beloved and those I'd like to abolish (but sometimes I don't seem to want), my personality traits, my current ideas about the world and myself and try to extrapolate onto the far future, give it a bit of imagination to go not 50 years from now but 500 or 10000 years or something soooo far (the infinitum concept made a bit more finite) that is given time for myself to evolve at it's final stage and think: Which of those traits do I believe they will be changed, which I think they will remain and why?

It's interesting to see at which points I believe there is hope for evolution towards the better and which I am afraid they won't change. Also which I know or believe they won't change because they are facts of myself that I honor even if others don't like those elements of me.

There are things that are habits that go in cycles and back to themselves. It's like you observe a negative trait on yourself and then your brain keeps these data in memory and the more you see a repetition of the same thing the more you believe it and the more you do and the cycle goes on. It's kinda funny or interesting that it reminds me of Bayes theorem with the prior and posterior probabilities that depend one on each other. After so many repetitions there is a convergence that preserves some of those habits or traits so badly that you think they can never change. Could some of these habits somehow change or basically evolve after a vast amount of life time?

At this point I was writing for hours and this evolved in another long series of text that moved far away from the main idea. I actually liked that text and felt it would be a very nice individual post for my other blog about normality. So I transfered it here.

I think this question reminds me another one a friend asks me frequently: Move 10 years forward in time. Can you imagine yourself, how you will look like, what you will be doing in your life? (which reminds me a bit of flash-forward the TV series :P)

It's just more inspiring to think about personal evolution ad infinitum (afteralls after 10 years I may not be too much different at specific points (scary)). And maybe it would be a good exercise try to think more about it. I could speculate many things and maybe learn more about myself and find solutions to habits that doesn't seem to want to be changed (I am a huge procrastinator :P).

I think I have to close this post..

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