Friday, March 05, 2010

Do you have screensavers?

I had this dream today.

I was in a party.
And there were girls.
I had some kind of funny reputation there.
This was some kind of meeting of an internet community.
For the first time.

I wanted to show them something on the NDS.

I tried to find that test I did, my second code on the DS after the plasma, with Jennifer Love Hewitt in the background (from Led Blur) and the water effect where you can do ripples with the touch.

For some reasons I really wanted to show it to them.
I thought they would like it more than showing them a game.

I was fiddling with my DS for half an hour.
As usually with dreams, when you want something to much, something obscure happens.
Maybe in my dreams. What could that mean? In conjunction with something else about me in the real world I am just thinking?

Anyways, what always happen is that strange bugs don't let me do what I want to do, like elevators not going to the 4th but to the 44th (while the building has just five floors) or something slows your movement down when you try to escape from a monster or trying to run something on any device and when that's important amazing bugs are happening and I spent half the time to reach my goal but till then my dream is over and I wake up.

I opened the DS, there was a game booting, I quit, the same game was booting, I reset and open and different games were booting randomly. I couldn't go to the menu to chose my demonstration. Strange things. Then I opened the DS and tried to do something with it's electronics. But then I couldn't put it back.

The girls were curious, is that a camera? one said. Most didn't care.

A cute girl I haven't seen before, maybe see just arrived at the party, came in and asked me:

Do you have screensavers?

"Wow! If you like screensavers, you will love demos!" I replied.

I show her some 2d metaballs. She loved them.
I showed her a 3d version of them. She hated them.

"Wow! You love exclusively 2d!!!"

Then we sat down and listened to some chiptunes. So sweet!!!

I almost tried to get her e-mail but I woke up, so I don't know where she might be :P

From the part of the metaballs it's just imaginary. How could it be real(dream) since I would have never fixed the DS? But maybe I imagined I showed it from my laptop and this didn't got stubborn. I use to do this, waking up after having a dream that end at some point yet thinking about how it would continue.

Other than that I am fine. I lost some weight today. The diet plans are going well. I just need patience.

Now I will go for a walk.


Grey Alien Resistance said...

You procrastinated again. Next time she visits your dreams, forget the plasmas, metaballs and other romantic crap. Go straight to the point, load a commodore 64 emulator to your DS, and show her porn slideshows!!!

Optimus said...

I guess she would love the Metalvotze stuff :)

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