Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What the..?

I was just looking into this list of demoscene blogs till my attention was caught by something familiar. Maybe a year or two before I started this blog, I opened an older one in blogspot, It might probably be my first one which I started and later abandoned.

It seems to be hijacked, probably by those people or automated bots or whatever, who search for URLs and use them for spam and other stuff. I don't know and I don't mind since it's an old abandon blog but what seemed a mystery to me is that it's exactly like the old layout I had but with just a single post that is sooo obscure and there is not a link going to some other malicious or spamming website. What's the purpose of this? Also note, it's an obscure text mixing their own spam about medicine with some keywords I might be using in my past blogging. I can see the number 464 everywhere (probably because I mentioned somewhere the CPC 464?), French coders, computer science, game players,.. oh the last phrase is crazy, here it is:

Our previous report noted that FHWA expects that another meeting of French coders is taking an interdisciplinary degree in Computer Science, with a consistently dark and ominous tone, and their associated games, game players could not be affected.

Seriously, not that I do care, but.. what the heck? What is the purpose of this cryptic scrabble???


Optimus said...

Just found this one: old pouet post

I guess I already had the optimus monologue blog when I created the gubuterboy one (more scene and code oriented) when I didn't know that with the same blogspot account I could have many of them. Then I abandoned gubuterboy and forgot it. Can't find it in wayback machine either to remember what I was posting there in the past..

Aasemoon said...

Haha... improved and smartified spammer bots? =D

nitro2k01 said...

That's weird... Did it expire? My own Sound and Complete has a different problem. I can't log in to it anymore! This is not really a problem but annoying. But the blog is still there and obviously hasn't expired.

nitro2k01 said...

Oh and I forgot to mention... Follow one of the links in the third post from the bottom of Sound and Complete for some spam poetry.

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