Saturday, January 16, 2010

(Yet another) New blog

I just like to organize my blogs (a lot of work still to do on this) and for the primary subjects that are interesting to me I am deciding to separate those posts in different blogs (few good posts in this central blog have to be moved one day to other ones and the importing/exporting process is strange). I have exported five of my posts here to a new blog, Almost Skeptic which has to do with all the paranormal and ufo phenomena I like to read about, my thoughts on skepticism, the nature of truth and deception and everything that I will find relevant and interesting.

Meanwhile I am wondering what else to change in my blogs and if I'd need to decorate some of them with my own backgrounds (but that was never my thing and it takes effort and time that I don't have). And that's before the second university term will prey upon us and I won't have time for nothing. Enjoy my new blog with the old posts for the moment, maybe once in a while I will find time and motivation to write something new for it.
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