Friday, December 18, 2009

24 things not to do..

..when you are on tight schedule during your studies.

24) Start watching a new TV series you just downloaded, called 24.
23)..I guess I'll work with the rest another time :)

Ah man, what a tight schedule! We had to finish 4 courseworks in a week (actually I'd have more days if I wasn't too lazy to start earlier). It's finally done, most things went very well except from a total failure to organize a presentation of our nonexistent project with our group and now I am ready to head back to Greece for the christmas holidays. Can't wait to meet my friends and taste that gyros food again.

Seriously, I haven't watched 24 before and some rumors about it's awesomeness got me started (especially from Stormrider's blog). I am SOOOO hooked up. It's more favorite now than my most favorite series and to show you how addicted I am to it (oh and there are already 7 seasons for me!), I definitelly have to sleep, I haven't sleep for two entire days because of my schedule, and I DON'T WANT TO. Because I was just watching 24 and I have to stop. I think I will try to sleep and wake up as early as possible to continue with the rest of the series. That's what I call awesomeness!


Stormrider said...

I am so pround of you

Optimus said...

Lol. I just realized some people were looking for me and that's because I was watching 24 (I forgot to recharge my mobile and also didn't checked my email for three days, which doesn't happen in normally). I gotta finish the seasons in christmas because I have work to do too :P

nitro2k01 said...

This is kind of what Neon Genesis Evangelion did to me, I couldn't stop watching it. However, it didn't have nearly as many episodes. I realize now that I need watch 24.

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