Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hellos from London!

After finishing with the things that made me anxious (finding a student house, enrolling in the university, paying the fees and other minor stuff) and settling down, I think it's time to start. This is the last weekend before the lessons programme begins. I am really really curious and happy to get started with and I am wondering whether it will be interesting (I think it will be) and whether there will be any pressure or strict deadlines (Well there might be work to do. I have to stop playing Scribblenauts or any other addictive game :).

I haven't visited anything special in London or UK yet. I'd really like to visit the british museum and especially stonehenge oneday. There might be quite more siteseeings that are worth. I just need to find out and plan something (or join some of the clubs that organize tours). What I liked and find interesting here in London is that it's extremely multicultural. I haven't seen such a variety of different kinds of people before. Well, I was in Germany once (in Karlsruhe) but I don't remember such variation, even though it still looked more varied in different nationalities than what I am used in Greece. That's all I can say at the moment. I haven't seen much yet.

I also opened a twitter. Well, that's a lie. I already had the twitter account before but just never used it. It occured when someone asked me why I post a lot of stuff at Pouet and not in my blog (which is also a lie because I post far more text in my blog, only less frequently) and one reason I think I am more easilly tempted to post at Pouet is because I sometimes don't post serious stuff there and the oneliner is for small text. When I plan to post something in this blog it's several times that I cancel it because I need time and I am more obsessed writting with my own pace and also need to plan it more carefully. But in Pouet I sometimes write something that comes in my mind and fits in less than 255 characters. So I thought, it would be fun to write small thoughts, quotes or news in twitter. Now I know why they ironically say it's for ADHD people who are in a hurry or too lazy to write something more than 140 characters. But 140 characters? That's a bit too little. I still had struggle to fit something specific I wanted to post there. I wish there is an option to maybe make it 255 characters or something..

Scribblenauts. It's the best thing since lemmings. I originally read about it from an xkcd strip :). It's so clever and so addictive because you can finish levels with a big variety of different ways and you actually have a big dictionary of things you can use, even the most unimaginable. If you search scribblenauts in youtube you might get an idea. It's only funny when you can summon Cthulhu or LHC and crazy stuff like that. It's crazy summoning god and handing him a bazooka and having him fight with a pterodactylus or something. Who the hell has thought of such an idea for a game?

I think I will write a review about scribblenauts in my Plasmafun blog where stuff like that belongs more. If I don't get busy with my masters programm at least..


Aasemoon said...

Have fun in London Optimus! ;)

nitro2k01 said...

Why am I so lazy? I come and read your blog every now and then and I want to comment it, then I either just say "fuck it" and close the tab or start writing something, don't feel happy with it and save it in a text file, then forget it. I know I was goin to write something about your Monty Hall post. Gosh, I'm not even sure if I maybe even did.

As for the post character limit... Twitter sucks, it's all hype. The only good thing about Twitter is you can post things from your mobile, but how important is that anyway?

Instead, try It's a microblog, which is mostly image related, but works well for text as well.
+you can aggregate with other services as well, as long as they have an RSS feed. (There's also options to import from some other services like one's Youtube and Flickr) And then there's the repost link. :)
The only problem with Soup is that it's easy to get stuck browsing someone's soup. (Procrastination, yay!)

Anyway, what happened to your HTML site? I miss your rants and texts on trigonometry. :(

Anonymous said...

Enjoy London! Which University are you going to?

Optimus said...

Hello there all.

Thanks Aasemoon, I am definitely having some fun right now and that without the anxiety of studies yet because I love the subject and I get well with it and I also meet geeks interested in the subject and we also have some funny parties and activities and stuff. It seems that it's a great thing that I am here just right now in London doing this thing and I am positive about it.

Nitro2k01, I am getting lazy frequently too. More articles and thoughts that I wanted to right and I always postpone it or cancel it at the very end.

Actually I have that feeling that I want to express something in a place and time where I am not on my computer. It's not like some internet addiction, it's like that I want to express something but the time is not appropriate to express it to the people there. I go to the party, I am somehow living this party (although thinking I want to go back home but what the hell and I steal their booze for later home (sorry I am a bit drunken now)) and I say I want to twit that now that I feel like a sprite from monkey island with five frames of animation drinking the mug, thinking what the hell I am doing here, then drinking the mug, then thinking what the hell I am doing now here, ok you understand (THEY WERE ALL UNDERGRADS,.. hehe but nice girlz =)

Oh wait.. so twitter on a phone is good for me. Although I can't do that now I think.

I will try maybe it's for me. But 10 blogs? Maybe I will.. somehow.

The Monty Hall problem has an interesting property actually. I wanted to write another blog post about it but as you say, I was lazy and canceled it the last time. It's very funny presenting the problem to some of your friends or near people and see their reaction. Some think about it and when I explain them how it happens to be so, they either are amazed and like it or they get reactive to it. Like they deny it the right solution can be true. And the interesting thing is that their reaction matches the kind of persons I feel they are, not that people who deny it are bad persons, but have the kind of thinking that is a bit absolute and not open mind (even if it's naive open minded). It's great. The reaction of people first being challenged by the monty hall solution is a projection of their personality. Without wanting to say that a specific kind of personality is worse than others (people are people and they are different and unique). But it's how great it matches with what you'd expect..

Ok, I am drunken and I speak a lot now..

Ok,. the html site. The new is but I was supposed to update stuff. I have years to work on my website. I still do it like the old times, notepad and html. Maybe you inspire me (now I am drunken) to work and change my website..

Btw, check this out: some qbasic friend of me has posted my articles.
rubynl qbasic articles

But I promise I will update my personal site. With the articles too..

Maybe I wrote in the article. I don't remember right now. Ok,. again. UCL Computer Graphics, Imaging and Vision. It's fun to do the computer graphics lesson because I am already familiar with the subject but there is still nice things to learn I didn't know. And geeks to discuss about these subjects. Imaging and vision is even more interesting. Machine vision, augmented reality, object recognition. I generally like the master thing I am taking. Cool!

Heh,. ok sorry for big shit. I just drunk Vodka.

Btw,. have you tried playing Scribblenauts?

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