Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I've heard there is a fuzz about today's date. Of course those special numbers where something is supposed to happen, have to be something symmetrical like 09/09/09, 666, 999, 2222, 10:10. I wonder, why not 17/09/09, 256, 9797 or 2321? Does the universe like those specific kinds of numbers? What if we had a different type of calender and 09/09/09 was something boring and random like A4/F2/FF :P

Although it's a slightly important day in my life because today I officially quit my job (Finally, no more picking up the phone!!! Arghh.. I was supposed to be a programmer here but all I do is watching youtube videos and constantly picking up the phone. They frickin work three at a minute! :P) and start preparing for my trip in England. Also, a brand new laptop is about to arrive at home today (I hope). More about it later..

I think that's the most important things that will happen from my side during this funny symmetric date. Except if I get abducted by aliens or stuck in an elevator or something :P


Aasemoon said...

Well, it was a completely normal and rather good day for me too, no abduction by the aliens or anything. =) Though I have to mention, my days are currently quite unusual to start with, so if there was something unusual about 09/09/09, it probably got lost somewhere in between..... ;)

Optimus said...

I really got my brand new laptop that day (HP, Quad core, HD 4650, 4MB ram, 1TB Hdisk, Blu-ray,. a kind good and expensive one but it's graet :) and then I read at Slashdot that my favorite home console, Sega Dreamcast turned 10 years old exactly today :)

But no aliens or something =)

Anonymous said...

Your laptop got some nice specs, I just worry a bit about the amount of RAM! :P

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