Monday, August 17, 2009

A happy night!

I had a very good time today when I met my friends nuclear and hikiko to discuss about finding a house in London, having also our typical graphics programming discussions and then went to the netcafe to watch the same demo in three screens simultaneously. Somehow I had a rare positive feeling today, maybe it's the fact that we will most probably spent a great time studying together from late September in England.

Maybe it's time to give you my news about this since the time is near and I am in a great mood to speak about it. Me and hikiko applied for an MSc in Computer Graphics, Vision and Imaging at UCL and we are certainly in. Now the only step remaining is to find a good cheap home (university houses might not make it) or anything to have somewhere to stay and the good times start. I hope that nuclear gets his phd offer too and we can stay together. For me it's a positive thing from many views, first of all it will be great to be studying what I like to do in my free time, then it's actually a nice opportunity (or transition way) to stay in England and search for a related job there and I am hoping for many good changes in my life from that point on. I need that transition and I need to see new places and make a new start.

Maybe that happy feeling will fade away tomorrow and for the next three weeks but it's all natural to drop down from a highly positive feeling and when the time comes near it will be all positive for the better again. I can't await for the moment to come, that we settle down in a home and all good things are about to come. Yey!


Stormrider said...

well done mate! I'll hopefully get a PhD position in London but first I have to do that ridiculous army shit...

prepare for a tough year, MSc in the UK consume the very soul of you hehehe

Optimus said...

Ahh.. it's a pitty you have to do the army thing before the PhD. Good luck with that..

Yep, I am already prepared (I think). It's tough business, although that's why I have choosen a subject that is close to my interesting and actual knowledge. Still, it might be tougher than I think so I'll keep an eye.

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