Sunday, June 21, 2009


What is happening with my blogs?

It's not that I am opening too much. I am just trying to organize. A lot of things will change. This primary blog is a mess. Some of the others are kinda messy too. I am not sure what I will do with them.

Computer Hermit started very well. I like how it's going. I am also trying to keep the articles not as big and chaotic as here. Not an easy thing. I just hope the same to The burden of Normality (I am not sure if I will keep or change the title. Maybe "Revising Normality" or "The delusion of Normality" would do it?). Actually this one is my most precious one as it has to do with primary ideas that mattered me mostly even in this blog here. If there are some not big enough and good articles from here I could be transfering (or rewritting) them in that one. Με έχουν πιάσει Οτινανισμοί.. is a joke. Maybe I need once in a while to write random absurdities. It reminds me the past craziness of what used to be Gates to Delirium. I later used this one as a blog about my coding projects. It all needs a clean up. I am wondering when I will be doing all this work.

Maybe I will write small random stuff in here or links to articles I will be writing in the other blogs. Maybe not. It's all a mess. But I like my new two blogs. It's just like I am splitting posts that could normally be here in different categories for different blogs. Nothing is lost.

Now, I am not sure about the background. Designing your blog takes effort, something I never managed to do :P

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