Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New blog

I started a new blog. Only in greek. It doesn't make much sense. I was bored.

I want to write a lot of stuff. I had a lot of things in my mind that would make a nice blog post (or a boring long one :P). Time is short. I am not even coding these days but I don't want much. I am playing eye of the beholder, watching series, movies and silly UFO documentaries. I am overeating these days. I have to finish some crucial little works or occupations and I will be free in about a week (I hope). It will be fun when I will be free. I don't know if I will start coding a new demo again or I will continue playing games but I will be free and have a nice summer.

I also got a new job. My source of boredom..

Update: Ooops, I made another blog.


Stormrider said...

I followed your link to Sotsoft... what the heck is that? I can not make any sense, is (s)he crazy?

Optimus said...

Yes, he really is (certified). He is an old friend whom I initially met because of his interest in old computers (spectrum and cpc) but proved to be a very weird case. Lost somewhere in life through engagement in anarchy and later fascist cycles, paranormal or religious beliefs and paranoia. A mixed bag. He is a really funny even if sometimes annoying person. Sometimes he writes poetry like this.

Optimus said...

Also, I see that in sotsoft's photos, only 2 and 3 are himself. The others are some of his friends I think. I just messed up the page in the past, he gave me random texts and photos in a CD and I just uploaded them linked together somehow..

Anonymous said...

Oy oy.... I hear you! I've found the tendency in myself that every time I feel extremely board with something, or somewhat overloaded, apparently I start "something" new on the web. =P It seems to work for me like a pressure release valve mechanism of sorts. =))

Optimus said...

Yes, my job here is soooo boring (and I have to answer to phones which I hate) that I just opened yet another blog :P

Also,. if someone of you missed me on messenger or twitter or facebook or anything (although I rarely use most of them) it means that I got fired in my previous job. How funny! At home, no time to waste. Here, plenty =)

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