Monday, April 13, 2009


Many thoughts in my mind. When I start a new blog post I think about how. Many universes in the multiverse, but forget that crap, many actually going back and forth thoughts, but forget that shit too,. many..

I am too slow to compute this thing. But if I was too fast to compute it, that would mean that I would not compute it deeply, in more understanding of it, but only by ,.. oh forget of that shit too..

What would happen when everytime I try to start a thought and it goes further deeper than it should I pause my self and say to forget that shit?

Ok,. I'll start with the simplet things first. Neural nets fire and motivate me to say smokething about. Then another thing I said or a reply for someone supposed to hear me fires another neurons. The ones that remain and stay and i notice are maybe the ones more intereting to me. Or that's the defintion of intersting, the ones that fire your neurons into activity.


Breakpoint. Great experience. Maybe I should visit more demoparties even if I doubt at first about how I will feel. Ok I am drunken

If I cut every thought of me would I suddenly be comprehensible with few words? Never mind.,

Breakpoint. It's always nice to release your stuff in big screen no matter how much lame.

ftp (one night party coding production
quantum retrofuture

Ok,. let's go back

I broguht a laptop. A laptop is cool on demoparties. but then again. 5 years ago, I was drunken for three days. Talking to people like crazy and being somehow happy. Ok,. a guy who takes drugs would be happy too for a while. I don't say it's good or bad (I don't want to opperate with these words for a while, just to change my perception away from how I learned the world initially to a different understanding maybe oneday).

Wait/ Where was I?

Scheisse, that perception changes as we speak. If it changes then what is reality?

I don't know how you guys manage it. We had some interesting discussion while I was drunken but still I don't get it and I never think I will. But if I do then it will be the most interesting thing ever, whatever that means. I just can't stop to think, I can't make my mind not thinking and you all guys are like you are thinking and not thinking at the same time. Somehow I feel that I can be easilly enlighted (something I didn't managed all these years) but it never happens. Maybe it stops being interested?

It's more than word and new age. It's more than plain thoughts. It's even more than my thoughts. It's outside of our perception. Maybe someday..


stephane said...

I see your breakpoint demo ! I find it very fun.

I've got a blog too where i speak sometimes of demo and a site about sci-fi :


Optimus said...

Thank you. I will check your blogs soon (even if I don't know french).

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