Monday, June 30, 2008

Something else I have thought to confront myself..

If there is no truth then why don't you just choose the lies? Live the lies?

Is there another truth, another clue, a reason for the symptom of resisting to live with lies? Then live with the truth. The one you will never find!

Or come on, live the truth. Show me the truth! Will it be THE truth or a conclusion that you perceive and like?

Maybe you just don't like the commonly approved lies? Then live by your own lies!

But I want to believe..


Optimus said...

Greetings to aharnoid!

Anonymous said...

hey bro! i'll tell you the truth. there is no "one big global answer for the usniverse". many religions and philosophies can give you their truth, but more of the time it can be summed up with "give us your cash and do what we tell you to".

only advice i can give is: believe your judgement over the media, and be sceptical. most conspiracy theory are only partly true, and history was always written by the winners, so you can say you're surrounded by lies. but your own point of view your own life, it's not a lie. it's your own truth, live by it, live by the moment. as they say, ignorance is a bliss, so be dumb for a change and stop asking ^^ (ouch i can'T believe i typed that!)

Anonymous said...

anonymous yes there are many truths if you ask relegion and philosophers. That's because you are asking the wrong people.

Optimus said...

Good, then who are the right people? And what is the truth about who is right and who is wrong?

Seriously, it's a good advice that I live for a while without thinking it much. I'd only come here around at time to write my thoughts and maybe being sarcastic :P

Anonymous said...

We live in the shadow of strong religious powers who've posed the "big questions" of our culture. Simplify and ignore the bullshit.

voXfReaX said...

Truth is out there... But where?
Just imagine, what if all we know is just a lie? What if we live in a lie? What we do then? We continue live in a lie 'cause we have at least 1-2 things that makes up happy or "filled" in someway or we search the truth no matter the cost?
To search or not to search?
That's the question man....

Optimus said...

>To search or not to search?

Hmm,. maybe both.

Really, sometimes I can't stop analyzing and sometimes I even enjoy that. Searching for the truth is one of the things that makes me happy. Till I take it too seriously. So, maybe both.

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