Saturday, June 28, 2008

I wear my shirt backwards!


I drank. Again.

But I wore my blouse in the non-convensional way before drinking. And I didn't realized it when I was sober. I only realized at after being drunken. Wow!

I am in a netcafe. I found out about the blouse just 5 minutes before reaching the netcafe. At first I thought I should go to the bathroom and reverse it's polarity. But that I said why bother? It will be funnier afteralls. My blouse has the some stripes from it's backwards view. Doesn't look different except from the stitching at the edges. Looks funny! Why would that be abnormal if the utility is the same, to protect or hide my body? Why do we want to hide our bodies? Everybody knows that we have bodies and we also have sexual organs. But is it like a secret?

But I won't discuss anymore about the role playing and our lies. I'd burn it with another bunch of episodes of House M.D.

Other news? I code. I code again! It's like a planned mix of techniques like not following deadlines, enjoying experimentation, maybe some sort of constructive or structured procrastination and several other things. But I didn't planned for it and I am happy about that. It just came like this! When I was a bit happier I looked at my beloved GP32 and thought I'd code something (Well, most of the time I setup the compiler and managed to link a project properly but that's important for a start and I am not in a hurry). Then I thought of CPC. CPC is harder because you have to struggle with assembly (which rules though :) and there is the fear that you may loose the whole day without creating something nice. But that's the stupid fear that keeps me away from doing something creative anyways. But I code!

I code just a little. And that's enough for me. If I have managed to code for 3 hours and feel a little tired, I shouldn't oppress myself to code more (the logic: if I can do this in 3 hours, I can do 3 times the job in 9 hours, wrong! At least for my case..). It's better 3 hours than nothing at all because I am frustrated by pressing me to code more. 3 hours here, 3 hours there, going a bit outside, drinking that retsina... ahhhhhh =)

What do I code? No plans yet (even though I should be planning something specific for assembly party maybe. But here comes regulation of my emotions. I should not be hooked or be sad if I don't manage the deadline :P)

I like organizing code. Recently. Till my last demo, I reconstructed some old basic routines into a new scheme where I take all the time to organize things instead of hurrying up for a new release. Like creating 2 or 3 codebases from scratch, one is a simple file where I start SDL and have some basic functions (init, screen, timer, music, script) for a demo, the other is having separate files for this (demo_main.c, demo_script.c, demo_screen.c, demo_precalcs.c or something like that) and the third is the second where I try to insert some extra pieces of code for 2d sprite rotation/scaling, unfinsihed 3d engine, blob engine, particle engine, etc. I want to make a comprehensive easy to use demobase and also a gamebase later (with a bit different structure).

I like it! And recently transfered the same code structure to GP32 specific code. I managed and even fixed some things so that the code is more readable and organized (I will transfer those little changes back to the PC codebase). Lately I like to organize my codes and think a lot of what structure would be better. I also think a lot about trivial stuff, like code or data standards (data standards? If I have a function that interpolates color for pallete tables, in GP32 the range is now different (0-31 for r,b or 0-61 for green) than on PC (32bit, 0-255 for each r,g,b). Doing generalized functions for virtual 0-255 values and depending on the project (maybe with IFDEF GP32/PC/GP2X etc) to make the appropriate conversion. Maybe I could generalize my demo code base for several different hardware, mmm...)

Today I tried to compile a new NDS project. Well, I spend most of the time in this stupid problem (I really wish to know the explanation of the problem or maybe how stupid I am). Anyways,. I was just going to port the same organized demo base in NDS so that I have a nice starting code and maybe make a demo or something. Maybe I'll manage to solve the problem tomorrow and also add a timer and try some mod players I found for the DS. If I have enough motivation I will start a plan of small jobs/effects/parts I need to finish every day (even though I am allergic with plans and deadlines but really planning to bring something for assembly party) for less than a month. I will make less plans and set the half or 2/3 of days so that I don't finish the last day. Whatever, I am really willing to come to assembly (or maybe Euskal or Evoke too) and meet the demofreaks out there, regardless if I finish something or not for the parties (but that would revive my inactive situation and maybe make me happier for a while :P).

I even tried the organized base on the CPC in Z80. Though not the same but another one where I just gather some old classic routines for the most basic precalculations (vram line addresses generation, sine precalculation, system routines, pallete/gfx routines, etc) from my older demos. Just multiple files for Winape32 assembler, more organized. Still it's harder to code a demo on the CPC than make effects in a hurry in C and connect them.

..and I am still wearing my shirt (blouse?) backwards ;)


Thomas said...

Forgive me if this is a cultural / translation issue, but doesn't a 'blouse' typically refer to a woman's shirt?

Optimus said...

I think. I had the same question. It's only a greek that we use the same word. But then how is the word for the male blouse? (not only shirt but more warm blouse or anything that looks like that). I just hope nobody misunderstand this for something else ;P

Anonymous said...


Optimus said...

Hmm,. snicker is not on the dictionary or it means something else. I initially searched for μπλούζα in a greek/english dictionary and got either blouse or sweater (but sweater is warmer). Maybe I will change it to shirt, since it was more of a shirt than a blouse/sweater. Whatever :P

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