Friday, June 06, 2008

Chemicals in the brain

There is a proposition which almost nobody seems to like. This one might seem too materialistic to you or it may degrade the more preferable concepts of bearing a conscience, a soul, having control of ourselves and our destiny while also several other spiritual ones that makes it logical why such an idea would be so unpopular to the world.

Unpopular but in my opinion it would be a crime if few individuals are not aware of that proposition because nobody likes it or thinks it's a dangerous idea or something. Not everything is about popular psychology. Sometimes a fucking chemical in the brain can be responsible for all that sorrow.

That sorrow was always the reason why I asked questions. We never seek for answers so deeply for trivial things. That's why if you start analyzing things too much or if you are deep into philosophy, someone might nag you by throwing another question: "Why is the sky blue?". But you never wondered why is it not green or orange because it didn't affect your life.

It could be 10 years by now. Or maybe since 5 when my questions started to be not as naive as before. A long time nevertheless. Searching for a big meaning. A real reason for the existence of your pain. Only to discover that it's damn chemicals in your brain!

Don't get me wrong! I know more about myself these days. Regardless my computer hobby, I think I am more emotional than analytical. Judging from some other of my hobbies, most of my beliefs, my tendencies, my passions that I cannot control, I would say I am more into the spiritual side of things than the logical one. In fact it drives me mad when pure materialists despise any spiritual sounding ideas without giving them a second thought. But I do seek for an answer. And I do seek it like hell! And I have decided that if only I am about to revolve around very generalized knowledge and meaningful sounding spiritual concepts I may end up in orbit forever.

In fact I was seeking for that answer for years. And it felt like I was never near. Such a vain feeling. Always the same unanswered questions. A classic one was about my feeling of not being "normal". Of course I could just accept that I am not and move on. But I just wanted a good answer to the reasons so that I can move on. Popular psychology never gave a satisfactory answer. Neither did frequently heard aphorisms about life. Nor did anything else a friend suggested. But something else that I happened to be curious about accidentally without really knowing, did. All these years I was seeking for the great answer and all I got was... fuckin chemicals!!!

Yes mister 'mental illnesses don't exist, it's all in your head'. Yes miss 'all is about tabula rasa and nothing else'. Sometimes the answer can be chemicals. Disappointed?

But that speculation of a different side of view that nobody talks about, the aknowledge that all of my sorrow might not be because I couldn't find the meaning or cause something had gone wrong in the past but mainly for neurological reasons, that answer which sounds naive at best, did felt that night more clarifying in my case than the most spiritual and philosophical ideas everyone will ever say to me!

Fucking chemicals in the brain man! Totally soulless and uncool explanation!!! Yet the knowledge of a possibility helped me more in a short period than five years of seeking of a far-off divine truth. Not only to understand who I really am but to change entirely the way I see and react towards my negative feelings. And it did worked! Beat that!!!

I have just found out by accident, not by lengthy philosophical thoughts, that some other trivial things in me could be explained by another chemical thing I never asked because I never knew and because nobody wants to speak about. I am gonna search this one for it can possibly save a lot and also answer more. And from that little speculation today, I jumped into writing this furious post. Funny?

p.s. I am planning more sort articles on the similar subject like why most people don't like the soulless explanation and why in my opinion it's a wrong estimation that the materialistic explanation about the brain and it's neurochemistry is fatalistic. And I will first explain their side, why it also sounds logical or why it feels better to prefer the common belief. I will present nice arguments for both sides and even nicer counter arguments. In fact I don't believe that we should lean more to the spiritual or materialistic side of things but that it would be a crime to misdirect and conceal towards/against each side. And I'd like to tell you my thoughts of how well the knowledge of both the psychological and neurological aspects could greatly be combined. Initially I was planning to do this here but the article would grow huge, so it's better to post this piece first..

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Anonymous said...

hey optimus,
i've not read the whole article yet, but i like that topic...
a possible solution to the question, why nature implemented pain - the standard pain, the recurring misery - in our being, is in my opionion easy to answer. nature has always an answer. -> pain is the main motivator in life! if there would be no pain, nothing would move. lust is pain, everything that moves you is pain, every need is pain. WE HAVE TO statisfy us all the time. we eat, we talk, we work, we love, even thinking can be considered as (hardcoded) method to ease the pain for while, it can enlight you for some time, or give a solution to avoid pain (brainfuck -> obsessive thinking of some individuals can provide statistical solutions to complicated problems in society -> always an evolutionary reason, even for rare sort of pain), the envelope is quite steep though.
if there would be no pain, we would do simply nothing. it's that simple, even positive motivators, like appetite, can be considered as pain.
but if you speaking about the inner pain, the deep pain, the tortured soul feeling, something that can't be satisfied so easily, it's simple too: kids don't know that feeling, light hearted in their mini world, it has no place there, cause they have to be light hearted to explore the world and learn. but when they grow up, nature implemented some kind of mature pain into the psyche of adults to force them to search harder for positive stimulations of higher kind by following the (softcoded) social codex/tradition or higher things (art/spirit/science -> soft evolution) or hardcoded sexual replication patterns, which cause their brain to discharge the "pain killer" chemicals for some time. it's a bit sad view, i know, but it's the only answer i got to that question... standard pain is normal (especially for individuals wich doesn't behave codexed (like me atm)). even drugs as temporary solutions can't change the fact, that your body won't accept a certain situation for a longer period. evolutionary behaviour evaluation.
so, it's quite normal. life is painful. we have to life with it...
> use the pain as force <


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