Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brain == Crazy

  • 42. It occured to me.

  • 43. Brain is crazy

  • 44. I am not me.

  • 45. I am brain!


Brain is crazy. Brain is me. I am not me. I am brain.

The soul does not exist. Soul is the feeling of consciousness. The feeling of it gives the impression of ME. ME doesn't exist. I am not ME. I am BRAIN.

ME is a burden for brain and ME. Brain succubs ME. Brain overcomes ME.

Thus concludes brain seek into search. And does not make any meaning to you but it does to BRAIN. Not me..

Krazy but brain IS crazy and this feels powerful. ME is restrictive. Brain can be powerful, more than today underachievement.

Who would imagine? I can be more free without ME. It's really more free with brain regardless what most people would think. But that makes ME caring but not brain. Brain moves through it's own path. ME just follows..

So, brain


Optimus said...

ME speaking: "I guess I am just following the first step of aharnoid madness ;P"

Anonymous said...

Culture carries some religious and philosophical baggage which is detrimental to sanity. Deny it credibility and simplify, and you're on your way :)

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