Thursday, October 25, 2007

Emotion and logic.

Some people either praise emotion or logic at 100%. They totally despise the opposite side of what they praise. But do they understand that the side they hate is also inside them?

A father desperately cries: "You SHOULD be logical!". Yet, it's the emotion that drives him at the exact time to shout with so much anger to his son for an action/thought that seems "illogical" to his view. He is totally emotional inside yet he speaks about logic. For the son, his father is illogical when he doesn't pay attention to his son's emotions. Yet he preaches about logic. Is "logic" about "doing the only good thing" to them? THEIR good thing of course, not everyone's. THAT good thing is constructed upon their past experiences, memories, emotions and just about everything. So emotion comes again in the play.

Emotion comes from the word motion. A human brain with just logic would be like a senseless zombie. Motivation zero. What about a brain without logic and only emotion? I think logic comes from our great will (will=motivation=emotion) to explain everything around us. I think emotion is a more primitive function in the brain, meaning that it came before logic in the evolution. Yet there is an important connection between the two that makes us what we are. People talk about purely "logical" functions yet in order to be motivated to solve maths or code computer programms someone needs to be motivated. Emotion is the gas and logic the means.

So, it already sounds naive to me when someone overpraises either of them as if they don't use both already. Maybe they are just talking about quantities, like saying that someone needs to be more emotional than logical or the opposite. Yet, the scale either depends on the situation or everyone's needs. I can't be always 100% logical (whatever that means) nor would I blame a girl for being overemotional if it works this way for her.

Yet imagine how emotional are some situations that imply logic. How emotional does someone sound himself who overreacts at you for acting emotionally! What a funny contradiction :)

And yet some place for another contradiction. The question is: Are emotions good? Are they bad? What about logic?

A better question would be: "When are emotions/logic a good or bad idea?"

I guess it still depends on the situation. Yet it also depends on the person imho. You could say that in a specific situation one of the two is the answer. Or even a certain percentage of each. This could still change depending on the person involved. Some parents use specific ways to treat their children, though the same ways could have different results on each individual. It's not that right to say that there is a single method here that works for every child.

Recently, I have spoken the exact words to myself: "Your feelings deceive you.". Sometimes emotions are like an electric chair torture. Something in your past forces you to receive negative feelings when being brought in the situation A. Emotion A says "I don't like situation A. It's bad! Baaddddd!!! You hear me? BAD!" and makes you feel guilty about it. But something inside you tells you that it's not logical to despise situation A. Situation A is good for you and everyone else, so why should you be restricted? But then emotion comes first and even if you have declared a logical idea that says that situation A is good and you shouldn't have negative feelings about it, you still get'em. It's like someone sadistically presses the button to charge your body with electricity each time your mind speaks of situation A! It never stops..

Yet, did your logic saved you here? I said that it's something inside you that helped you make the distinction that you have feelings that deceive you about situation A. "Something inside you". What? Logic? Or.. desire. The desire to be free from emotions that restrict you without any good reason. Something inside "moves" you (desire), let's say the emotion B that tells you "I don't wanna be restricted!!! Use your logic to proove that the situation A is accepted. Please!". Still, the emotion B (the urge to accept situation A despite the emotion A against it) drove you to seek for a logical solution to this problem. Emotion B fired a spark of doubt about the validity of emotion A and logic just served this request.

Now look how complex it gets! Could someone now easilly say that emotion is stupid or logic too strict? Oh come on..

My favorite example on this rant is sex. Isn't it the most logical sounding thing in the world that sex is something natural and there is nothing bad about it? Then why does our emotion order us to feel shy about sex? At that point, another emotion oblidges us to use our logic and think this is stupid! That is emotion B. And this is not where it ends. Diferrent people create a diferrent set of logical arguments for the situation A problem (the sex). Some people try to logicaly explain that emotion A is right, each one following their own logical path. And of course others would follow their logical paths to explain that emotion A is wrong.

Actually,. here is a point where I made a mistake that could lead to a dead end. I'd like to mention this one before closing. It's not the emotion A that is wrong rather than what brought it in the first place. Another way to view this is: "Situation A is right. It doesn't mean that because the emotion A is right then Situation A is wrong. I could logically think that sex is ok and act based on my logic in this matter, no matter if my feelings disagree. It's electricity that sometimes deceive me and sometimes motivate me for the better afterall. That's a different way to think this whole matter..

Actually, it all depends on our interpretation of emotions. Emotions do exist in any one of us and logic is our means to explain them. When I say that some emotions deceive, maybe it's just the wrong interpretation of them that does so.

I was motivated to write these random thoughts by using logic, purely inspired by my emotions..

Saturday, October 20, 2007

New blogz.

Είχα δεν είχα άνοιξα πάλι καμμένα blogs.

Gates to Delirium (Strangenstein is BACK!!!)
Plasma Fun (reviews of demos, games, doom wads, music, videos and everything else that I like to see on my screen)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Drunken Delirium 3 Turbo 7

Because someone said bnot my drunken.
I drunken.

Ich waqr des polizei
und das geschetz
zu erscvhetzen


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and grls abnime curte

the cure

rabarila dila delroro digoa digaosap tsap tsapa lalalala

nice dronk


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knoew,,. its fun rwriting
writing what come

now this not like aother

I will write castaneda
Ο Καστανέντα δεν την παλεύει κάστανο. Ούτε καλαμπόκι..



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Drunken delirium 2 & 1/2

Drink is nice. It still teaches me things. Unlike smoking which I still don't get. I try a bunch but don't get it. That's better for me.

Why do I feel different? I guess because alcohol affects the brain chemistry but that's a common answer. Well, what do I want to listen? Maybe why do I suck so much without alcohol? I guess because my brain chemistry is different. And why it's not the same with others? Maybe because others brain chemistry is different than mine. Simple as that!

Ok,. I am just drunken and I write whatever comes in my mind. And this will be a random post (without even a plan).

When I am drunken, I have a great feeling and urge to call some old friends in my mobile, even those I don't know very well. Why does it only happen when under the influence of alcohol? Why isn't it regular to want to phone friends when I am not drunken, in sober situations? And why still I don't feel that there is some fear, but some indiferrence instead?

It's like I don't care. Other people feel they are lonely, I don't care about loneliness. This feeling neither occures when drunken but a nice feeling that I can phone some friends for no apparent reason occures. But it's not that I need to do that, it just comes. Is it maybe the feeling that I can without a reason? Just for fun?

Actually I phone them and I tell them I am drunken and we talk. Just for no apparent reason..

And yet when I am drunken, I talk with my friends about things that matter me and I feel different about them than when I am sober. Old news.

And then I return back home to swift from one situation to the other. I start listening to the misery in my family, I mean their miserable monologues expressing their anxiety about my life. And I become the same miserable being. Is it true that my parents have affected myself so much? That I hide one deadly serious self and a funny crazy one?

This pisses me off. And the time ends here in the netcafe. I just want to write now more about these shit..

It pisses me off.

Maybe I could just listen to what drink has to say to me. Afteralls I am not really an alcoholic, I don't drink everyday, maybe once a week or once a month, because rare social occasions permit this to me. But when I drink, I do it for that different feeling and the fun and experimentation of it.


p.s. But I am optimistic because I learn more. And I had a nice time today! :)
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