Saturday, August 11, 2007


Also, Crazy Space applet version is out!!! (I participated in that by coding the special demo effects :)

I also had special mood yesterday for coding and continued rewritting my ZeEngine for the GP2X. The PC project where I test and debug things before porting the changes to the GP2X code, now runs at least twice fast than the older version and that's because I have totally rewritten the triangle setup and rasterizer code with a more elegant solution after a suggestion from Nuclear/Mindlapse. Wow!

Now I just have to rewrite the remaining code, create some new structs and organize things here and there and maybe make an easy to use API for all these coders in the GP2X community. At first I plan to fix and optimize as many stuff as I can and even add several new features too, then to release it with an easy to use API in hope it's used by other people. The thought of trying to use the second CPU of the GP2X to improve performance even more is left for far later. I plan a release inside October.


James said...

Wow! You are doing very well in deed--I know its those darn cats!

Aasemoon said...

Oh kool! I didn't realize your were writing again in this blog. Great to see you do. =) And the cats... very very very very cute!

Optimus said...

Nice to see you here too :)

Well yes, in the past I was more frequently active here. I think I will continue writting and hopefully with more happy articles. Except if you are also liking some of my thought articles even though I'll try to keep the sorrow away.

Maybe writting about code or demos or anything else would be a nice change for me.

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