Friday, August 17, 2007

Da Fakk!!!

Now this is the greatest BBS thread ever produced by Pouet!

Garfield meets the scene.

Some of my favorites!

Oh, look! They made one about me there too :)
I wonder which old text of mine did the maker dig out where I was talking about Castanenda. Never remember to have written much about him somewhere on Pouet or in a blog. Crazy!


Pixie said...

Just love it!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!

nitro2k01 said...

GOOGLE! Do you use it motherfucker?

Here's the post where you mention Castaneda:
Pretty recent post too.

I love that thread too. (I'm just surprised at myself that I didn't do one myself already) Inthink you chose some of the best ones actually.
Now I gotta go get some lasagna and do some photoshopping.

Aasemoon said...

ROFLz this is awesome! =D I actually happen to be a huge Garfield fan too so this is just... fantastic!

nitro2k01 said...

And this one:

Optimus said...

aasemoon: Yey for garfield, and for someone to understand this he/she must also have some idea about the demoscene to get some of the inside jokes so I thought it would definitely be a good match for you!

nitro2k01: Thanks Nitro.

Pouet/ Damn! It's down just after I post this article here. You should see the rest when the server is up again and sceners continue manipulating the original sketches with demoscene jokes, so it's gonna be so much more fun for scene/garfield fans :)

p.s. I remember several times when I choose an opportunity to inform some people in a random forum about the demoscene and also link to some of the good demos from pouet or, it's the exact day the universe fails ( servers down, I think Pouet is in the same servers too :P). The laws of Murphy :P.

p.p.s. Anyways, enjoy these and go back to my link when Pouet is back :)

Optimus said...

Haha! LOL Nitro2k01!!! Made my day ;)

Optimus said...

Hmm that Castanenda post was not a true rant about Castanenda, except if Shane mixed up some of my different texts together :)

James said...

Optimus on the lighter side.

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