Friday, August 10, 2007


Today I have decided to change the mood here. And my mood a bit. I won't analyze anything, I will just feel happy so that I forget a sorrow that could be just the imaginary I am unconsciously into. Oops, I just tried to analyze. No shit sherlock, you can't just not analyze but I will not analyze this more nor care since it's just what it is and I'll just post pictures of cats!

I like cats! They are so beatiful. They are one of the few animals they can really make me smile, so cute, so beatiful, so funny, so playful. CATS!!! All your base are belong to us!

Even the stressed cats are so sweet and funny =)

I was in a friend's home and we drank some alcohol and had fun and talked about various things. Though it wasn't the alcohol the reason for this post. I just felt like I will post cats. Maybe I want for the few rare times to escape from sorrow and stop thinking it or taking it seriously because at the end what I think is just imaginary ideas based on an imaginary world. Maybe it's just that there are some "serious" people in my close environment (family) that have a very serious/strict aura when discussing about things and it affects me. But I just started analyzing things that might make me sad while I just have to stop doing this for oneday and just post cats!

In the post that tricks me to go grab a great Falcon emulator I get instead in a funny oneliner where I also read this by the great L.C.F. dude:

I think. We should not think to eat cats, neither fishes...Cats are the real friends of intelligence and fishes are something that can be eaten only when you create one specie. Go try to explain this to the world.
Pigs are the poison created for your crime, exactly. It's something like, injuring me.

I just felt like writting it. Maybe there is also a piece of sorrow here but I would start analyzing it now so just forget it for today and think catz!

I also have a picture of cat in my desktop with a cat with different colored eyes (one yellow and one blue). I am not in the main computer right now so I can't find it right now on the net but I'll upload it later somewhere in this blog.

Ahh,. cats! I can't get enough of them. They look even more cute than girls ;)

p.s. I decided to change the mood in this blog a bit. Not I will not write some analysis on other subjects still interesting to me, though I will avoid being so sorrowful. It's not that I am not in a sad condition these days. It's just that sometimes I overdramatize things. I don't want anyone to think I am just cheating all of you and I have nothing. There is something but under a different view it could become less serious in my mind. I still feel something sad inside me trying to get out while I post cats. I just won't to post something different and definitelly writting this post with images and stuff of things I like is easier that making thorough analysis. Even though I will return to that too but trying to not get the sorrow but just writting my worrying thoughts without much exagerrations.

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