Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Shuffle game

Hmm,. funny game. Thanks for inviting me Pixie.

If someone says "is this ok" then you say:

Fragile Dreams / Anathema (I don't know what to say here. Maybe that it's not ok. Does not compute ;P)

What would best describe your personality?

Master of Puppets / Metalica (Me? Master? No.. kinda aggresive and then sorrow? Maybe???)

What do you look in a guy/girl?

Only this moment / Royksopp (Nice song for a girl I'd look. But does it say at all what do I seek for?)

How do you feel today?

I don't like Mondays / Tori Amos (Kinda close. My condition is a bit worse than melancholic. And it's two days off :P)

What is your life's purpose?

Disappoint / Assemblage23 (To be disappointed at the end. With my current mood, yes..)

What is your life motto?

Something to believe in / Bon Jovi (Hmm.. does not exactly compute. Only if I make it to. So I am seeking for something to believe that I can never find because I am to strict about the truth or something. And still seeking. But is this a motto?)

What do your friends think of you?

End of Days / VNV Nation (Not the song I'd like to see here)

What do you think of your parents?

Another Day / Dream Theater (It's hard to find a song for my parents. Maybe Nemesis / VNV Nation would describe it best how do I feel about my parents)

What is 2+2

Boadicea / Enya (This would sort of match better my funeral or something (see bellow). Anyways,. with such questions what do you expect? ;)

What do you think of your best friend?

Bachelorette / Bjork (It's hard to make something of it)

What do you think of the person you like?

Until the end of the time / Apoptygma Berzerk (If she is a girl, I guess I'll have to seek for her until the end of the time. This is the only way I could connect it. Oh no, also if I am a misanthrope and can't like anyone too =)

What is your life’s story

Hey God / Bon Jovi (That's everyone's life story I guess)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Enjoy the unknown / And One (That would be fun!)

What do you think when you see the person you like?

What else is there / Royksopp (Is it the same question as above or not? So,. here is a funny estimation. I will be seeking for that person till the end of the time and when I find him/her, I'd say: Is it only this? What else is there??? Oh,. and the lyrics are too weird anyways :P)

What will they play at your funeral?

So klingt Liebe / And One (I laughed out loud because it's too irrelevant :)

What is your hobby/interest?

Just my imagination / The Cranberries (Wow! That would be a great hobby to have. Or does it define my hobbies? Not much I think.. :P)

What is your biggest fear?

Beautiful day without you / Royksopp (So? I can't think of something really..)

What is your biggest secret?

hyper-ballad / Bjork (No comment)

What do you think of your friends?

They are coming to take me away / Neuroticfish (I laughed here out loud too! Role twisting? They are all KRAZY!!! I am the only sane here =)

Just enqueue as many of your favorite songs you wish in winamp or another player that has the shuffle (random) button and let it play. For each question, move to the next random song and see how well it matches (it doesn't, I assure you ;). I decided to invite few people for this in case they are reading my blog and wish to enjoy this one. Nitro2k01, thom, scott, stone sober and Aasemoon.
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