Sunday, January 14, 2007

People that don't exist.

Sometimes I think I am crazy. Sometimes I think I am complex. Though, there are those rare ones when I first encounter such people who make me feel quite "normal". And sometimes I try to test myself on how tolerable can I really be with the strange reaction of those people.

I like to meet such weird people. I am addicted to anything that differs from the common in general. I simply love it when the multiverse manages to share a quite strange reality in front of my eyes. And there is still a lot to discover!

Another story:

I was in the cafeteria with two of my greek demoscene friends. Speaking about demos, programming, linux, demoparties, korilla, demos and maybe some real life matters too.

Suddenly I wondered where my old friend Sotsoft is. His mobile phone number told me that he probably have swept it into the sea, broke it or sold it to get something to eat (as usually). I talked to the people about his secret project in Africa and that I've lost him since then. His previous plans, like the '8bit sprite progect' or his hilarious CPC ussie whose name I forget were already finished and chasing monkeys in Africa was his next notorious plan. Sometimes I blame myself for laughing at him, especially considering that all these are a result of an actual mental problem he might have. Though, he doesn't bother with that and maybe understands that he is just funny, even though he tells to my brother that I am more crazy than him!

My friend wondered who is Sotsoft. I told him that he is the guy who gets quite adventurous by walking alone in the city with his weird anarchist friends, sleeping in our univercity at nights, making weird theories about the spinach pie he have just eaten, the energy indication of Red Bull or the quantum chaotic effect he wants to code in the Amstrad CPC in order to communicate with other entities. And also walking long distances from Thessaloniki to St.Mount, while eating some plants or drinking water from the sea (I haven't managed to get the facts straight concerning all his claims though).

The discussion went on:

Jobo: I know someone who is more crazy than Sotsoft!
Optimus: What?!
Jobo: He came walking on foot from Spain to Greece..
Jobo: ..and that is just a pause before he heads on for Nepal!

(Needless to say, the room was filled with laughters and astonishment.)

Jobo: He is a programmer btw, lost his hand in an accident, quite nice and quite open to discussion, just a bit of adventurer for his own weird reasons. He was also running for 4okms while being chased from thiefs in Albania. Such an adventurous guy!
Nuclear: (in a humorous sense) He DOESN'T exist!!!
Jobo: (after bursting in laughters) Exactly that's what I like! When I meet people that "can't be existing"!!!
Optimus: ...

I've heard that he found a home to stay, teaching the owner spanish while she teaches him greek, helping some people on a website while Jobo brought him a computer so that he can write his own blog. Maybe he is writting something about his trip and I asked my friend to give me the address to his blog. I'll post it here when I get it: Samu trips.

Then, Jobo told us about other weird people that he met, like some guy who is acting on a strange hobby called free running. Ok, maybe it's not so strange and quite known but it was something new for me. That guy was walking with my friends in the city and suddenly he climbed upon a kiosk and jumped from there! Later, while walking down the Navarinou street, he started running away from the other people without a call and jumped into the archeologic site at the place, jumping from an ancient pilar to each other like a monkey! I wish I was there to watch :) (Oh, just watch some videos to get a clue)

And then I remembered of people acting on strange hobbies that sometimes can be found on the internet. Fight Club style quarrels, live RPGs (wearing medieval clothes and stuff), world championship on Rock, Paper, Scissor(!), independent people building strange things that nobody cares about, Flash events and more weird things I don't remember now. It amazes what kind of weird things can still be found out there that I didn't knew about before.

Not to forget the even more strange people that you never happen to hear about. The lesser known ones. The people which don't exist..

p.s. Actually, adventuring is one little dream of me and I once thought, while being in Karlsruhe/Germany during my Erasmus times, that maybe I'd love to take my bicycle and take a trip to Frankfurt and then back. Not by walking, just with my bicycle, even though I'd like to try walking such distances too. Though, several factors like my anxiety or the fact that I had other things to do in my Erasmus times instead of being missing for a week, forced me to avoid that thought. Maybe another time..

Saturday, January 13, 2007


I don't use to open seasonal posts and neither is it with this one. And if I ever did, the new year would be the only possible subject to refer to (Except if I had a good reason to write peculiar thoughts about xmas, eastern or anything else at the period speaking). And it still has to be personal. The new year's eve is probably my favorite celebration and the one that makes more sense to me because it's the time when I am doing resolutions for the future. Wow, a new year! A new life?

Or maybe I am such an egoist that I always like to write (and talk) about myself. So do they tell me (Such "egoists" they are to dare to put the hard critics on me ;P). Ok, ok, ok,. forget these stuff. I just have mood for writting whatever comes in mind! (and leaning out of subject ;)

So, this post received the labels 'personal' and 'hope' (I finally managed to get a google account. Gotta love those new labelz! =), so that you know what it is all about. It's so interesting to me to write my hopes for 2007 and I guess rather boring to you. I said I am such an egoist, that I think everybody really wants to hear my story like hell!!! (I must add the 'self sarcasm' label too, oneday ;PP)

To let it finally start, I had one of the greatest times in new year's eve, drinking like hell with my friend AkumaX while watching demos in full darkness and maximum volume as we were laying on the floor or dancing like crazy to the electronic music of the demos (Fuckiest moments of the demo-party (as my friend likes to call it because it combines demos and drinks at the same moment, hahaha ;))) were watching Chaos Theory under such conditions. Psychedelic!)

During the next morning I was wasted. And I didn't went through the usual celebration we used to have each time with some family friends, where they split the vasilopita (new year cake?) to the people there (but they did remembered to do the same for the missing persons too (me and my brother)). And so, after being so wasted and happy, after going home and giving my wishes to the other members of the family, my mother told me what I already knew. The fact that 2007 will be a lucky year for me. But I already know that mom! ;)

Oh yes, I won, I won, I won!!! It's the first time I dig the friggin coin in my piece of cake (excluding some random year when I cheated after my brother planned to cheat and he got very angry with that ;P). But I didn't need to get that information about my lucky year, though it's a promising coincidence that gives me a hope the multiverse is with me. And even if it doesn't, I'll still believe in it because it encircles everything and so it's quite open minded for my liking. Oh gosh, enough with that thing, it is for another future wild post, returning to the subject again..

..maybe only the last paragraph (This. Oh noes, it's not the last anymore! ;P) will try to stay brief and to the point. Ok, during 2006 several things have happened, like that I got my university diploma (after 8 years) or that I decided (fataly?) to go to the friggin army. And I even made some nice demos on the little gamepark handhelds with which I am quite sattisfied even if they still suck hard (That bloody perfectionism, that friggin humbleness of mine. And they call me an egoist when I can't believe in myself while others believe in me ;PPP). And in the year 2007, I am waiting for something big that might change my life or actually get me out of my prison.

Sometimes I get insecure about the future. The question is, what happens when I finish with the army. Will I be able to get a decent job and finally be independent? Will my life be finished because of a job I struggle with and don't like? Or, the ultimate insecurity of mine. Will I still be stuck and have to live with my parents for much longer? (No news, reports say my problem is the problem of several greek youngsters. They can't get a decent job and they are obliged to stay in their parent's which totally sucks. Should I be less worried because I found out I am not the only one?). It will be very sad to finish with the army and still not being able to support myself economically in order to be able to rent a home and make a nice living alone (even if I have to struggle with a sucky work atm, I don't care, I could sell my soul for getting this freedom). If not today then at my 30? (Oh btw, I am 27 now, my birthday is today (or actually yesterday, 12). I still wonder how did I grew so old ;PPP). And I was worrying because I wouldn't be in the best psychological condition to have the guts to get some good job and stuff. But I would eventually..

..and the big thing is that now this problem of mine is solved (Adding a little hope that it might actually work out well till I get out of the army).

My very good friend AkumaX has done what I wouldn't be able to do alone atm. Except from finishing a freaking amount of code for a game project he started a long time ago, he managed all the public relations and legal stuff for our new game company. Less than 5% of the code consists of some of my demoeffects (You know, plasmas, rotozoomers, blur, radial, bump, blob stars ;))) that makes the presentation look quite impressive (But in this one, the graphist did a marvelous job with a happy spacy theme for our little board game). My small brother has done the music and there are few more people in the team and a lot of support from his university in Edinbourgh and private investors who got hooked by the game that he presented there. If I wasn't in the army, most possibly I would travel to Edinbourg in February for developing and actually making a living there. My dream is close! And we are already working on our second title on an own idea that is quite algorithmical and blobby :). Maybe we will try to contact publisher for the first title after January. Time will tell..

When the site of our team is open I'll write more about it in a special post.

Working with my great friend AkumaX that I trust, my brother and other cool guys on stuff that we like. In a foreign country. Away from my parents, doing my own living. Such a dream! Far? I hope not..

That's my hopeful 2007 resolution. As long as I am still staying with my parents, my psychological condition gets worse, too much anxiety, too much arguing, too much "I have heared that before" = 'we say that we wish that you are economically independent, but we really want you to live with us but don't tell that to you, ugh!'. A vicious circle that keeps me in the same condition. A deus ex machina is what I need. And that is the thing that me and my friends have started. I'll support our little company with my code as much as I can. Maybe till I finish with the army (in 8th of August 2007), our titles get released and our profit grows a bit so that we can further support ourselves and I have a promising job and live waiting for me there in Edinbourgh. Bye bye mom, dad and Greece is all what I need to say..

..and then I am dreaming of the demoparties I can finally visit =)

p.s. I should watch teH Fut4r3 Kru for inspiration now. Guess in which photo I do appear doing what =)
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