Sunday, December 17, 2006

Beliefs that bother me.

Part I

There is something that's bugging me since my youth. It's a bunch of popular beliefs which I keep hearing everywhere and everytime I talk to people. I call them "ethics of our times". Those are the common beliefs of most people in society. "Truths" that are so well received, so socially approved, so massively accepted that everybody agrees quite easilly with them and nods his head in obvious agreement. Everyone of you is already perfectly aware of these "universal" beliefs. The most common of them revolve around life.

For 10(+/-) years, I was bothered by the idea that I am not "normal". Especially the thought that I don't have a life and that this ain't "good" became rather tiresome. I've struggled trying to give proper excuses to myself about the being I am, as long as trying to defend against the criticism from the others upon my life. Later, it was me who've let these ideas to spawn a demon inside my head, constantly asking me whether I qualify for a life today. Thus, I didn't need people around me anymore to tell me that I have no "life" and that this ain't "natural" and so on. Alone, I'd still have to bother with those beliefs that had evolved later into obsessive thoughts. As I know more about myself now, I truly believe that my obsessive-compulsive nature morphed these thoughts into a chronic obsession.

Cliche quotes I've heard in life:

  • You are a nerd and that's not very good.

  • Why aren't you just like the other people?

  • You should have several interests.

  • You must be balanced.

  • It's not good to be focused.

  • It's not natural to be in such an age and not have any girlfriend.

  • Each person must have one favorite music group and one kind of favorite music to be normal.

  • Wasting your time with computers, RPGs and other time-critical hobbies is not good if it doesn't give any profit. I don't understand why do you spend your time in something as useless!

  • When you grow up, you will be sad that you've wasted your life.

  • Nerds are defined by ten laws. 1) Nerds don't swear, 2) Nerds are good pupils, 3).... You qualify for a nerd according to these rules and that's not good.

  • Girls are the meaning of life. And that's what you are missing! Find that and you will remember my words..

  • Pan Metron Ariston.

I know that you might either disgrace these words or identify yourself in some. I am not reactive about their validity but what makes me wonder is the predictable and soulless way they are expressed by most of the people I've encountered in life. It's like strictly DEFINING life through some laws. And living by that definition because it gives them the feeling that they belong somewhere, that they all agree in a common sense and practice upon that in life. The aura of people's voice that I received while listening to their words, where kinda emotionless, strictly defined, like they are living as they claim and oppress me to live the same way, for the simple reason that everyone lives the same way and this is the way everyone should be. There is no deep and true emotion in living, it's like these people act in life in ways that are considered normal and not because they purely enjoy it. It sounds like the mere feeling of belonginess/completeness of being purely normal, is the motivation in their life. And these people doesn't seem to care about "helping" me as they claim (As if I asked for their advice ;P), but rather concentrate on preaching about what's life and how they have "succeeded" in it while I didn't. It's like they want to fullfill their ego. And later they tell me how miserable I will be if I don't follow their path. But if they constantly scream that I am "miserable" then I'll start believing it!

Roughly, so odd was the feeling I received over all this criticism in the way it was expressed to me by most people around me. What they don't understand is that I haven't choosen to be like this! I wasn't deviating from the average person because I suddenly made a thought that maybe it's better to be like this. I have another theory about this which I'd try to explain later. What I received is an arrogant attitude, which is like I am a clueless child that doesn't know what's good or not for me, it's like I "decided" to be lonely, unsocial, diferrent, weird, deviant because I suddenly made the "false" thought or because I am lazy, spoiled, wrong and they have to tell me. The way they try to "help" me is like blaming me that I have taken the "wrong" path. How much do I friggin hate it when some "cool" guy approaches me to break my nerves to say in a witty way: "You know guy? You shouldn't be like that, it's not good I tell you. You will be unhappy in your life, what you are doing here is wrong and hey look at those chicks, great eh? What? You don't like them? Hey?!" :PPP

And what they don't understand no matter how many times I told them, is that the same common beliefs/truths and cliche phrases associated with them, spoke by most of the people around me each fuckin day, became such a big oppresive set of spikes in my head that even forced me to be more defensive and enclosed to myself, avoiding people and struggling to be normal not because I enjoyed the common way of life, but because I was fighting with the idea inside my head. I sometimes tried to be social without enjoying but just for the mere feeling that I am "normal" for one day. But it was still a struggle, especially when I "had" to do it. They don't understand the damage they've done to me (and they call that "I am trying to help!"). That's also why I despise "predictable" beliefs which are so easilly spreaded around because they sound so "simple" and "right" and everyone clicks on them (Called also memes. Blame socialization and human nature which needs to have a common point of reference/belongingness), especially when I feel that some of them are so blatantly wrong, though ignorant people tend to believe and preserve them because everyone says so. So, I became quite questionable/sceptical on rumours/beliefs that are easilly accepted by most of the people. I feel that people are such ignorants to listen to me. Even now I know more about myself and the whole issue, trying to give my best to make them understand doesn't work. I receive the same cliche phrases and common beliefs back. They don't even care about why I am actually so diferrent. They care only about watching me becoming as "normal" as them but for what reason? (They also confuse the reasons with the results, I'll explain myself later on that)

My whole personality evolved based on my struggle. I became quite defensive towards what people call "real life" and the spreading of common "truths" that people accept as they are because everyone says so. Most of my personal beliefs are constructed upon my worries on this issue. One of them is that everybody is diferrent/unique and if something makes totally sense for me in life, it doesn't mean that it should work the same way for the rest. Most people don't understand that there are several "facts", several "truths", several "worlds" out there, as many as all of us. Each of them thinks that if a way of life works for him, it's a universal truth that all of us should follow. The quote below speaks ironically about this..

I try my best to be just like I am but everybody wants you to be just like them. (Quote from LCP Memories C64 demo)

While I am more determined about the matter, I still struggle (doubt actually) with some of these beliefs. After so many years! Even though I am closer to knowing and believing in my path now. My wish is to have a free mind and live life as I enjoy not being oppresed by the "ethics of life" of our times (Quest for freedom). Another wish is to get more deeply into this and several other aspects of human nature/sociology and try to understand why all these, and try to let them understand deviant people just like me. To know and use my knowledge for the good of all. (Quest for truth). And then I have a dream. Serenity. Exactly these three cores matter a lot for me and are main parts of my personality. Remember also my previous subject ("A wish"), my Pure-OCD condition, to combine with what I wrote here. They are all connected in my life..

It's too late and I have to stop here. Unfortunatelly I haven't written all of which I wanted to and not as comprehensively or briefly as I wished (I was in a rush), thus I'll continue another time in a next post (Part 2). I'd like to talk there more about the people that I call "deviants", what's the meaning of "diferrent" compared to "social", to make an interesting analysis upon that and what we perceive with these things and then speak of some cases of people which gave me hope that someone might think diferrent (even not a special person but the common Joe, so surprising!). Plus some interesting medical cases that shows off my beliefs.

I had a dream..


Anonymous said...

Optimus, THANK YOU! I just read your article and enjoyed it immensely. So many parts of your article made me think "oh yes! finally someone's saying this" or "you are putting my thoughts into words"! So thank you. The "beliefs" that you have discussed in your article have been quite disturbing for me, and I've fought against them as long as I remember. And yes, it's indeed scary, the way most people tend to simply agree with them, without even bothering to think about what exactly it is that they're implying.
I hope you keep your dreams up, don't bother yourself with common standards and believe me, being ""normal"" the way they try to picture it, is quite bloody boring. ;) I'm looking forward to reading the next parts of your article.

Anonymous said...

Ι think that the beliefs that the society imposes on people on how they should be is really damaging.The more we are ourselves the healthier and happier we will be.I am sure that there people out there that they will love you for the person that you are optimus!

Optimus said...

Aasemoon, I am the one who should thank you, too :)

That day I read your answer, my heart was filled with happines and hope. I wasn't expecting my specific thoughts to touch anyone. That "someone is finally saying this" feeling is exactly the very rare one I am expecting but almost never get back. It was in my great surprise to see that effect in reverse, my own words speaking in deep for someone else. Usually, nobody expect me seems to bother..

..I see that even most geeky people don't want to bother but just live their own life (And I don't blame them for that, it's their choice), they think that I am wasting my time arguing about such stuff or they simple don't care as much as I do (But it's a big focus for me to know and analyze more about what bothers me and try to show them the other side). And thus I've decided to go on through that hard way of knowing and fighting to make my own ideas more known, those revolving around my struggle in life.

Sometimes I loose my hope, my feelings change and I find my focus futile (and vanity for the impulse of writting such texts), though when I wrote this piece, I was already content enough for releasing some more out of my inner self for public read and already planned for parts 2 and 3. Your comment gave one more little burst to that hidden flame that lights my path..

So thank you! And I hope it all goes on for a good reason, there is more to come and maybe one day they will understand us. Maybe people will oneday know more and seek for personal freedom in the world.

I'll be back.

Optimus said...

Pixie, thank you for your comment too. Freedom is still a dream, though those people you talk about are my primary hope. Thank you!

nifalios said...

hello friend
We talked about things like that on our big walks. I really miss hanging out with you, talking about things like that, about our fears, our hopes for betterment.
I know that all those stupid beliefs that people say have to be ignored by you but on the other hand, there's something missing on our lives that is hard to define. Maybe a source of happiness without heavy exchange.
Carry on my friend!

Josh said...

First of all points 3 4 and 5 contradict point 7! I happen to believe it is good to have a variety of interests, partly for the same reason I think that you shouldn't aspire to "normality": I reckon that at the core of each categorisation is roughly one person in the history of the world, the chances are, your not him! So fitting too closely to any one standard means your probably missing something. To put it another way, no stereotype can fit all the people it partially applies to, so don't bother trying to be contained by it.
But as you (naturally) change, if you are anything like me, you will want to change into something.
Some people have bought a cheapy dream, convinced that it's the only one that works, and there is a classic coping strategy of disregarding the options they left behind. When someone sees you doing your thing, they assume that you haven't grown up, because you haven't tried to grow up into what they have and so they can act like adults to you and relish the position of the wise advice giver, while simultaneously convincing themselves that they haven't missed out.
It is good to grow into something, to change and develop and challenge yourself. People are built to work this way. But if you have a value system that doesn't fight you; if it is general enough to include you and other people, so you can understand their criticisms in a positive way, then you have defeated their negativity and maybe can even teach them something!

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