Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A wish.

Today is my namesday. Namesdays are not as important for me as birthdays, because my name beeing Michael is no such special occasion as my birthday is. Nevertheless, it's more possible that people remember you in your namesday. I forget when most of my friends were born.

Sometimes we send wishes and it's hard for me to think of a very imaginative wish. The usual keywords are girls, money, success, good health, happiness, etc, etc. And it's how you blend all things together in a good written wish. Boring to have to deal with that assignment each year.

Some of these things might be good for me. But I know I'd be still living through anxiety no matter if I had the whole world with me. I'll continue doing my best in life, but there is one thing that wins over all for my case. No matter if I am sick, well, alive, dead, succesfull, deep in shit,. one matter counts! The way I feel.

And I feel quite good today. My mind is peaceful. It all makes sense..


p.s. This is what I'd wish to myself in life. The rest doesn't matter..
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