Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Comments are open.

I just wanted to inform you that comments are open to non registered users in both blogs of mine. Several people that know me but are not willing to register begged me about this, but I was either too afraid of spam or simply lazy to make that change. But now, whatta heck, here you have it! ;)

I am still browsing the net while I have two and a half days to prepare for a presentation of a work (Ergasia (and not diplomatikh), which is the right term in english anyways?) in the university. And I am still here. Writting an article with thoughts in my other blog, probably my best in greek language, read it below. I am so happy to have finished this long text but now I have to get back home and start working nonstop till Friday ;P

Η χαμένη πόρωση

Just so you know.


Eugenia said...

I just read some of your older posts and I think you are suffering from depression. As a friend, I can only advise you to visit a doctor. Depression is the most common illness among people in big cities, there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Eugenia said...

And btw, I get it too sometimes. Depression is the curse of the modern times. People "think too much" and celebrate life less.

Rixto ligo exo!

Thom Holwerda said...

However, please remember that being down does NOT equal a depression. Contrary to what people think, depression is actually a PHYSICAL condition, not a mental one. It is caused by a lack or overdose of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

Many people today jump the gun and claim they have depresseion all too soon. Eugenia's comment kind of sums it up: you can't just have a depression 'sometimes'. A depression is condition that lasts for the better part of a year-- continiously. Being down for a few weeks is NOT a depression.

Remember that I'm not drawing any conclusions on your condition, optimus. You should see a doctor, and then he or she will be able to determine whether you have a depression or not.

Optimus said...

Thanks Eugenia and Thom for your comments. My 2 (euro)cents now:

I started with a reply and finished with a rushed (my bad) written essay ;P
You can find my thoughts here.

Gotta sleep :/

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