Saturday, May 13, 2006

Δε μπορώ να αποφασίσω..

English translation follows..

..αν αυτό το blog θα γράφεται στα ελληνικά ή στα αγγλικά, ή αν θα πρέπει να ανοίξω και τρίτο με μετάφραση. Δεν ξέρω ποιοί με διαβάζουν (Αλλά είναι ακόμα νωρίς και δεν θα πρέπει να με απασχολεί αυτό), αλλά ξέρω ότι μερικά από αυτά που θα γράφω εδώ πέρα, θα θέλω να μπορούν να τα διαβάζουν και φίλοι μου από το εξωτερικό. Τελικά αποφάσισα να γράφω ανάμεικτα. Άλλα κείμενα θα είναι κάργα ελληνικά και για άλλα θα κάνω κάτι σαν μετάφραση (αλλά επειδή βαριέμαι την ξερή μετάφραση, και ποτέ δεν μου βγαίνει καλά, θα τα γράφω from scratch με παρόμοιο νόημα ή όπως κάτσει).Με λίγα λόγια, θα γράφω όπως μου κάτσει και όπως γουστάρω την εκάστοτε στιγμή. Κάποια κείμενα δεν μεταφράζονται εύκολα στα αγγλικά και απευθύνονται περισσότερο σε ελληνικό κοινό, άλλα θα μιλάνε για κώδικες και κορίλλες που μάλλον θα ενδιαφέρουν κυρίως ξένους demomakers και coders, όποτε πάνε για αγγλικά, χαλαρά αρθράκια για σκηνή, amstrad ή παλιά παιχνίδια θα έχουν πέραση και στα ελληνικά και στα αγγλικά, γενικά δηλαδή όπως κάτσει και όπως νοιώθω. Ίσως μεταφράζω και κάποιο κείμενο από το δεύτερο μου blog ή αναφέρομαι σε αυτό. Τα ελληνικά τα αποφάσισα μόνο για να συνδεθώ με την ελληνική blog σκηνή όπως είπα αρχικά..

Hello english readers! I am bored to translate, so I will write from scratch. I am too busy now so my english will suck ;P

I opened this blog in order to connect with the greek blog scene (where I am mostly active these days). I also deleted my CTRL+SHIFT+ESC blog, having to do with my projects on the Amstrad CPC. I think I'll rarely post news about my CPC activities here now. I couldn't decide whether I should keep this blog in pure greek or open a third one with english texts, etc. But now I guess it will be mixed. Texts that apply well also in english writers will be written in english (and some parts will be rewritten in greek or not at all), this blog will be really mixed. This is my final decision.. because there are texts which I want greek people to read ("demo or die" is just an introduction to my demoscene past to the greek readers, while if I write some articles about my coding activities or anything more interesting, it would be better that it is in english (because not many are into programming and esp. democoding, even fewer they would be if I only wrote these kind of articles for greek people). Casual articles (and esp. of greek culture if there will be any (this blog is mostly about computers, demos, coding, etc.)) will be in greek. And others will be mixed. This text doesn't say exactly what I write in the greek text. I won't be making 100% translation, just write from scratch for you too..

So. For my CPC readers (if any today) CTRL+SHIFT+ESC is over, but I'll write stuff here. Though, rarely and for two months, I am really inactive, my worst scene activity, my worst affiliation with the scene I had ever (except Pouet ;). The worst thing is that I forgot CPC. My enthousiasm dropped at zero. I even forgot to update my CPC website with the Forever7 results and releases..

I am busy with other stuff and rarely remember my unfinished scene projects, even though I still daydream of codepr0n ;)

I have hardly touched my GP32 demo sources, but I did for 2-3 days inside 3 weeks, already finished scripting one part with nice pallete and effect combinations that drops the frame rate to 20fps ;PPP, so I'll just do the rest. But I've fixed some code, removed unusued code, ported all the 8bit effects in 16bit (because I want to combine effects with diferrent colors and perhaps alpha blending if speed permits), though it's sure I'll loose some speed this way. And I put a timer on all effects and organized my code so that it's easier and ready for scripting. Before that, I had a bunch of effects, not a code ready for scripting my demo. Now it's ready. But I don't know what will be the next day I continue coding for this. Maybe I'll do some work inside Mai but I doubt. I guess at the end you will see the demo inside July and I still hope :(

Now I am too busy and have to finish this so that I go studying. More interesting things than those demo and new rants might come soon or not..

Έγραψα και κάτι παραπάνω, πραγματικά το αγγλικό δεν θα είναι μετάφραση αλλά ξανά γράψιμο, ότι μου κατέβει.

And now those texts are preety much ridiculous because I am writting them too fast (gotta pay the netcafe and go study)

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