Friday, January 13, 2006

New year, new blog. Will it work?

Today is my birthday. I released a Doom2 WAD entitled budrum26(my age too) and then I opened this blog after a night of having some beers with friends.

People suggested me to open a blog cause it is suitable for people like me. I use to blog (meaning: to kill a lot of senseless bytes via useless(?) rants) at, talking with friends or even when I walk alone in the city (and this one is my favorite). I did once one in the past but then I had no time to update (Though, how ironically, it was possible for me to preserve much greater amounts of time for my craptalk at Pouet ;P). Pouet and the scene pwnz me.

So, this is where I give it a second try and see if it works. Now, it seems I am having more mood for wasting time on the net and I also bought a cheap modem (I used to have a life. Now I have a computer and a modem. (Not mine. Who said that first?)) plus some internet prepaid cards and now I connect from home. I feel like having more time while at home. Netcafe speedsurfing (meaning: to be on a run at websurfing due to the fact that you have only one single euro in your pocket ;) is a past, well most of the times now, though I am writting this from a netcafe cause I sometimes like the atmosphere here (Yeah right! Cradles of smoke and loud voices from kids bursting your ears. Yeah right!). So, I may have the time and feel to update this blog more frequently than in the past. Though, it doesn't really matter, this time I will keep the blog in existance even if I have months to post..

I've the feeling that blogging is a very interesting (yet foolish for some) phenomena on the net. I've recently bumped into some articles about how it defines a new culture on the internet or is possibly a way of communication/opinion posting for every folk out there in the world (or at least those fortunate ones who can afford a computer and an internet connection ;P). Recently, a greek writer whose thoughts I was reading in his site, decided to open a blog after he'd noticed that there is more fuzz around the matter and even Tim Berners Lee opened one. It makes me wonder how come this writer needed a blog since he already has a very nice site posting several of his fairly interesting writtings. I guess it's just about testing something new and interesting that has invaded the internet. I also have a website (located at, though I rarely find the time to update it and it doesn't have an dynamic way of updating texts anyways (still writting pure html in notepad :). I don't know what I'll do with this website, holding downloads of stuff I've created is fine, though website updating is much of a fuzz for me anymore.

Let's only hope that I update this blog frequently..


ps said...

may your rants be dark and long now.

gaiaSword said...

Heya Optimus,
welcome to Blogger. How you been lately? Hope all is well.. catch you soon :)


Optimus said...

Hey thanks!

I am preety preety busy now to finish uniwork and exams in two weeks, really much that I don't catch up with most of the stuff. I have several matters I discuss with myself alone that I'd like to post here when I find the time again. But I'll after the exams..

gaiasword: I see you made an account so that you can post here. I had read your comment in the oneliner. There is actually an option to let everyone post but I've left it disabled for the moment. I've just seen what happened to my friend here and I am wondering whether I should reenable that feature. Perhaps I'll do in the future if I wish to get more replies in the future. Now, I didn't bothered since it's my first text and I don't know if I'll have the time soon to update frequently. Do you think it's better to let it open? Sometimes I do think so too cause it's nicer allowing more people to reply. I'll thinking it again when I fiddle with this blog more (I haven't even filled most stuff in my profile).

I'll check both of your blogs soon :)

ps said...

there is an option on blogspot to "announce new posts on weblog" or something, thats what the spammers bots are monitoring (new posts on all blogs), so if you disable that you should be safe from spammers..
nothing like testing ;)

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